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Friday, May 19, 2017

Fort Ebey SP and Other Things

18 May 2017

Sunny days ahead so maybe we can do some things before we depart on the 1st. Had a beautiful sunset last night.

Very Pretty Sunset with San Juan Islands in background

Today we drove down to the Coupeville Ferry stopping at Fort Ebey SP enroute. We have visited here before, but John was interested in trying to find the old WWII Radar Station. There are no signs or info in the brochures about this and even the park ranger did not know of its existence. Our only source to location was what John found in his research and on google maps. After hiking from Battery 248 along a narrow path, we were unable to determine exact location as it so overgrown and no paths to hike up to what may have been the site. The park campground is somewhat near the site, but not accessible.

Fort Ebey had two 6" guns which were lated melted down for scrap. The Fort had a barber shop, library, barracks, bowling alley and fire station. The battery is accessible for touring.

The park has several deer, beach and hiking trails. Seems the deer are small..maybe due to inbreeding. They are also friendly.

We then had lunch at the cafe by the ferry dock and made a brief stop at Fort Casey. We have been here at least a dozen times, but John wanted to see if any improvements have been made to the fort. Seems they are working on the Battery restoration.

Earlier in the week we drove into Mt Vernon in order to try and match fabric I found at Hobby Lobby in LV. Decided to make two more panels for the curtains. Fortunately found the fabric which is being discontinue. Reduced to $7/yd. When we get back to Hope's, will have her sew for me. In the meantime did a temporary fix with fabric tape.

We also did some revisions on our trip to Newfoundland in 2018. Decided instead of going back through Maine etc, we would go from Moncton NB to Gaspe QC, Riviere du Loup, St Jean sur Richlieu,QC, Kingston Ont and Mississauga Ont before going into USA at St Clair MI. Since this will probably be our last trip in the area, we really wanted to tour the Gaspe.

Revised Itinerary 2018

Earlier in the week we were asked to move from our prime spot #5 to #6 just behind on row 2. Reason being that MWR purchased 2 trailers from Camping World for rental and it was decided by someone in MWR to move them to sites #4 and 5 which are ideal for Motorhomes for pull thru with connections on left side..the only 2 sites in park for this..otherwise if your motorhome wants to face Strait,you have to drag hoses under except for row 2 which are backins.

Was told these rentals will go for $85/day..Seems somewhat costly. Don't think campground staff is happy about this decision. Oh well, we do have partial waterview as opposed to full view.

Laundry room has map of area and islands to the west as viewed from campground. Sitting in front of map  is Love made from Driftwood. Vancouver Island to West and Campground in  bottom rt corner.

Map of Islands

Earlier in the week we drove into Anacortes and saw this cute raccoon posing under a car.

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