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Monday, March 13, 2017

New Curtains, Potluck,Barbeque and Fireside Chat

6 March-12 March 2017

Wanted to replace the side curtains in Motorhome so friend Judy and I went to Joann's and Hobby Lobby looking for rods and fabric. Found rods at Joann's and fabric at Hobby Lobby. Since I don't sew, Judy insisted on hemming for me. I was going to take the easy way out and use fabric tape. We then had problem of how to hang rods and after trying to screw holders into wall, found this not to be the answer. Judy then suggested we get some of the command holders to set the rod in. Good idea as John was getting very frustrated and about to redesign the whole project.  Anyway, it seems to be working. Only purpose is for privacy at night,so only made one panel for each window, attached rings to fabric using the clip ons and run thru rod. Thanks Judy for all your help. Could not have done it without you.

Daughter Hope sent photo of their newborn calf. She sure is cute. Mother covered her with straw to keep her warm.

Finally had one hummingbird at my feeder. Lorraine has many and even a finch. Guess they don't like my spot.

One at Our Window

At Lorraine & Bill's 

The Pine,Mulberry and Ash are in full pollen mode. If you shade or touch the pine trees, a cloud  of yellow pollen is emitted. Many are suffering from allergies including John. Fortunately, I do not  have allergies.

Sitting Under the Pine Pollen Trees
Note all the Pollen Cones

NASCAR IN LV  is this weekend, so the campground had a cookout. Lots of yummy food brought by the attendees and a huge cake supplied by staff. This is one of military campgrounds that regularly hosts these events. They  do a good job. Thank you staff.

Cooking Up the Hot Dogs and Burgers

Food Table

Yummy Cake

Friday, Donna and Larry invited several of us over to enjoy their Propane fire pit. Really nice and safe. Campground does not allow open fires, but propane is fine. Besides  it is cleaner and easier. Thanks for a nice evening.

Gathering by the Fire

Several days later we,Bill,Lorraine, Judy & Dusty gathered at Pat and Darwin's for barbeque. Pat made her famous and delicious potato salad and deviled eggs. Everyone brought a side dish and their meat of choice. Had a good time and overate. Seems our circle is the only one that has these gatherings. Good that we can be in the same circle. Pat is good at organizing these get togethers. Thank you.

Yummy Food

13 March 2017

We met Chuck and Rose Mary for lunch at Lola's Louisiana Kitchen Restauarant. They sure know the best restaurants for yummy eats. John and I had the Bronzed Catfish with the best coleslaw ever eaten. The catfish was from Mississippi..seasoned to perfection and very flaky. There are two restaurant locations in LV and we went to the one in Summerlin on Town Center Drive. Dining outside added to the ambiance of the lunch. We have decided to return onthe 2nd for the brunch.
Thank you dear friends for another great lunch and visit.

Friends Fore

Chuck and Rose Mary

Brunch Menu

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