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Friday, February 17, 2017

Visit with Jill and Cliff-Lake Havasu

15 February 2017

We departed at 730AM for the 140 mile drive to Lake Havasu to visit good friends Cliff and Jill.  We met them in 2013 at the Fleetwood factory in Decatur Illinois and later in St Ignace, MI and Missoula MT on return trip to Oregon. In 2015 we got together in San Diego and they took us out on their sail boat. They have since moved to Lake Havasu and  now have a pontoon. We drove down last year and visited over lunch. Strange how a fate brings friends together. I am so glad we have kept in touch.

In Front of their Southwind RV

Brief history on Lake Havasu and the town noted for the London Bridge. The lake itself is a large reservoir behind Parker Dam on the Colorado River between California and Arizona. Aside from recreation,the lake's main purpose is  water for pumping into two aqueducts. The lake and town were named after the Mojave word for blue. The lake brings in around 750,000 visitors annually. Robert McCulloch who purchased London Bridge, purchased 3500 acres of lakeside property along Pittsburgh Point that was eventually transformed into "the island". The town today has a population of around 60,000 and in the winter can swell to over 100,000. McCulloch expanded his land purchase  by purchasing another 13,000 acres and Lake Havasu City was established in 1963.

View of Lake Havasu  City

View of Area near Bridge

London Bridge

Beach area

After visiting, we drove to the Marina and  enjoyed a pontoon ride on the Lake over to a Casino on the California side for lunch. The day was so relaxing and enjoyable. Thank you dear friends for a wonderful afternoon, lunch and your warm hospitality. Until next time.

This is the Life

Steering Sideways

John Taking it all in

Cliff and Jill

Paddle Boarder and Puppy

Welcome to Paradise Sign

Casino at Havasu Landing

Welcome to Havasu Landing

Our drive back via IH40 to 95 north through Searchlight touching on 3 states..Nevada, California and Arizona. Not much traffic until Henderson and LV. On the way back, John found a marker for Camp IBIS established as a  desert training base during WW II 350 miles wide and 250 miles deep out in the middle of desolation. Must have been brutal, not  to mention coping with the rattlesnakes and other critters.

Camp Ibis Marker

Stopped at In n Out for quick hamburger. Long day,but  well worth it. This was our 3rd visit to Lake Havasu, the first in 2013 or 2014.

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