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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Campground Get Together and More

16-22 February 2017

On the 16th we had a barbeque get together with our RV friends. Pat and Darwin do a great job of organizing our get togethers and the campground has provided us with ample picnic tables in the circle. We each bring our own entree to barbeque and a side dish. These are always fun and seems the group increases each year. Thanks again for bringing us into the fold in 2014. It is good that we can all be in the same circle for the most part.

Smile for the Camera

Having Fun

21st  the Campground had a get together at the Commons on base for February Birthdays and Anniversaries.Pizza and cake served. A Bouncy House was provided for entertainment. Just had to experience this at least once and maybe my last time. With help I was able to climb up to the slide. Now I have something to tell my grandkids. The staff did a great job putting this treat together. Pizza and Cake were very good.

Lots of Pizza

Yummy Cake

Karen, Dale, Darwin and Pat

John, Bill and Lorraine

Debbie and Mike

Climbing up to Slide
Almost There

Made it Down

I Did  It!!!

Afterward we went over to the Thunderbird Museum which just reopened after extensive renovations. Very nice display and I was able to capture some photos from a video. Wish I could take same great photos from campground.

Earlier in the week we met Rose Mary and Chuck at Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. They have good salads and soup.Think we over ate as we came home and took a nap and even skipped dinner. Keep forgetting to take photo so below is picture from their 50th Anniversary party last February.

Chuck and Rose Mary..A lovely Couple

Tomorrow we are going to Needles with several stops on the way to view sites of WW II training camps.

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