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Sunday, January 29, 2017

High Tide,Low Tide

29  January 2017

This time next Sunday we will be driving on IH 15 enroute to Nellis AFB in Las Vegas. This will be our home until the 5 April when we depart for Oregon to spend time with Hope and family until the 1 May.

Really hate to leave the beach and walks. It is interesting to watch the high and low tides during the day and how the beach changes. When we first arrived on the 6 January, the south end of the beach was very clean. After the storms it is now littered with seaweed and debris. Lots of trees, limbs, trash and even crab traps. Effort is being made to clean it up, but with every incoming tide,more washes ashore.

Of course we know that tides are caused by the effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun and rotation of the earth. This particular shoreline experiences a semidiurnal tide..two nearly equal high and low tides each day. As an example, today low tide is at 3:14AM and 4:13 PM and high tide is 9:16AM and 10:29 PM.

On our jetty walk, spotted a cute chipmunk gnawing on some seaweed.

We will return in December.

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