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Monday, January 9, 2017

Camp Pendleton RV Park

9 January 2017

We arrived Camp Pendleton Marine Base Del Mar Beach RV Park on the 6th for a month.

This is our 4th visit and we come primarily for the beach. Most of the sites are on the sand and not as spacious as some campgrounds. My one issue is with the picnic tables next to neighbor's sewer connection. Feel they should position them in back of the RV. They are too heavy to move, so may try and get maintenance to move it. When it rains as it is doing today, the campground is full of puddles. Oh well, the price you pay for the beachside.

Campground View

Our Site #46

The base does have a very nice commissary and exchange and John is thrilled to be near Dunkin Donuts.

Got a photo of Amphibious vehicle passing through the campground. John says the other reason I like to come here is to see those buff marines. Frankly, he is all the buff I can manage.

Our drive from Coronado was only 50 miles. Took one last picture of the USS Zumwalt before leaving.

Walk the beach 3 to 4 times a day amassing some 10,000 steps/day. Last week I manage to walk 27 miles.Keep looking for sanddollars, but not to be found. Beach is clean except for some seaweed.

Today it is raining and more expected this week. Saw on the news that the famous Sequoia Tree that you drive thru is now felled due to the rain. Never thought that would happen.

Rainy Day

Hope sent some  more photos of snow. She cannot remember such  a brutally cold winter. Hopefully their critters will weather the storm. They  have cattle,horses and chickens.

Knee Deep in Snow

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