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We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

High Tide,Low Tide

29  January 2017

This time next Sunday we will be driving on IH 15 enroute to Nellis AFB in Las Vegas. This will be our home until the 5 April when we depart for Oregon to spend time with Hope and family until the 1 May.

Really hate to leave the beach and walks. It is interesting to watch the high and low tides during the day and how the beach changes. When we first arrived on the 6 January, the south end of the beach was very clean. After the storms it is now littered with seaweed and debris. Lots of trees, limbs, trash and even crab traps. Effort is being made to clean it up, but with every incoming tide,more washes ashore.

Of course we know that tides are caused by the effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun and rotation of the earth. This particular shoreline experiences a semidiurnal tide..two nearly equal high and low tides each day. As an example, today low tide is at 3:14AM and 4:13 PM and high tide is 9:16AM and 10:29 PM.

On our jetty walk, spotted a cute chipmunk gnawing on some seaweed.

We will return in December.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Walking the Beach

19 January 2017

Guess my blog has been rather dormant with the exception of 1 entry since we arrived Camp Pendleton Marine Base Del Mar RV Park 0n 6 January.

Have spent time just relaxing, enjoying the 4 walks a day on beach enabling me to get some 25 to 30 miles a week. The sunsets are beautiful.  No better place to enjoy a walk. Found a few sand dollars, shells,sea stars and even a heart shaped rock for Hope. The roar of the surf at night, the sand pipers and gulls are fun to watch. Think they are used to seeing me and don't scatter when I walk by.

Sand Pipers

Sea Star

Sea Star

Sea Gulls

Kite and Sunset

Beach Finds

Just Relaxing

Another beautiful and moving sight is to see the Marines and Amphibious vehicles pass by the campground on the way to training. One day more than 50 passed by during the morning.

This was taken in 2014

We have 5 days of rain and wind forecasted. Better than the snow family in Oregon has had.

Rainy Day

Rainy Day
Snow in Oregon

Yesterday we drove into Oceanside and did a walk on the pier where I had a conversation with a magnificent pelican. Saw some surfers waiting for the big wave.

Oceanside Pier

Oceanside Beach


Beautiful Pelican

Conversation with a Pelican

Monday, January 9, 2017

Camp Pendleton RV Park

9 January 2017

We arrived Camp Pendleton Marine Base Del Mar Beach RV Park on the 6th for a month.

This is our 4th visit and we come primarily for the beach. Most of the sites are on the sand and not as spacious as some campgrounds. My one issue is with the picnic tables next to neighbor's sewer connection. Feel they should position them in back of the RV. They are too heavy to move, so may try and get maintenance to move it. When it rains as it is doing today, the campground is full of puddles. Oh well, the price you pay for the beachside.

Campground View

Our Site #46

The base does have a very nice commissary and exchange and John is thrilled to be near Dunkin Donuts.

Got a photo of Amphibious vehicle passing through the campground. John says the other reason I like to come here is to see those buff marines. Frankly, he is all the buff I can manage.

Our drive from Coronado was only 50 miles. Took one last picture of the USS Zumwalt before leaving.

Walk the beach 3 to 4 times a day amassing some 10,000 steps/day. Last week I manage to walk 27 miles.Keep looking for sanddollars, but not to be found. Beach is clean except for some seaweed.

Today it is raining and more expected this week. Saw on the news that the famous Sequoia Tree that you drive thru is now felled due to the rain. Never thought that would happen.

Rainy Day

Hope sent some  more photos of snow. She cannot remember such  a brutally cold winter. Hopefully their critters will weather the storm. They  have cattle,horses and chickens.

Knee Deep in Snow

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Last Days in Coronado

5 January 2017

Tomorrow we depart for Camp Pendleton Marine Base in Oceanside camping at the Rv Park on the beach. This is our 4th trip and anxious to enjoy another beach. Our weather in Coronado has not been without rain, wind and cooler weather, but still managed to enjoy some days on the beach and collect some 4 dozen sand dollars. Will certainly miss the views across the bay and our morning trips to Bruegger's Bagels. We shall return either in the fall or early in 2018.

Ships across the Bay


Earlier in the week, we walked the pier in Imperial Beach..10 miles south on 75. This seems to be a surfers beach.

Imperial Beach Pier

Surfers waiting for the Big Wave

Our friends, Denise and Phil who were in the site next to us at Nellis AFB, came in Tuesday. Sorry our visit will be short. Hopefully, we will connect again in April at Nellis.

Today it is raining and unable to view the ships across the bay. Has just been a lazy day. Since the drive up to Pendleton is only 50 miles, departure preparation will be done tomorrow.

Some of the kids sent us their Christmas Photos. Ryan was missing from Liz's as he was not feeling well and Christine failed to send one.

Darin and Kerry

Parker,Eric, Kendyl & Cindy

Liz and Michael

Colt and Cade

Also, Hope and family completed the 1,000 piece puzzle of the eagle. I had given it to Chuck for his birthday and he gifted back for grandsons. Maybe I will be the next to take the challenge as I want to frame it. The puzzle is difficult because it has no edges.

Eagle Puzzle

Redmond has had a very brutal winter. Temps in the teens and minus degrees.  Even too cold and windy to build a snowman.

Brr, Brr

I have spent the last week working on our British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska trip for 2018. Think it will take most of the summer. Have been comparing notes from our friends Gloria and Jim who went last summer and our friends Alinda and Ernie who are going this summer. Since this will be the one and only visit, want to see as much as possible. Have been trying to convince John to take this trip for several years.

For our last hurrah, want to tour Newfoundland.