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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Just Relaxing and Photos

20 December 2016

Our time here has been so relaxing overlooking the Bay, Navy Ships, boats, walking the beach everyday, getting our late morning coffee and bagel at Bruegger's, and some errands.

View of Campground

Incoming Ship
Not Sure if this is a submarine

View of More Navy Ships Across Bay

View of Navy Yacht Club and San Diego

Some Webfooted Visitors

Sand Sculptures

Another One

Hotel del Coronado

John finally resolved the flag pole problem utilizing the round light we purchased. Made a trip to Flag Pole Buddy for some modification parts so it does not make so much noise and John drilled another pin hole nearer the top.

Flying High

Put up our Christmas decorations. Some in the campground go all out with lights etc.

Finally found a stand for my banners at a store on Orange Avenue called "Treasures of the Heart". Well worth the cost of $30. May get another one before we leave. Should be good for the wind, easy to set out..no more pounding in the ground.

Banner Stand

Found over 50 sand dollars on the beach at the Navy Air Station beach. Promised the ladies at Nellis I'd bring some back to them. It is the thrill of the find that keeps me looking. Sometimes I give them to kids on the beach and grandkids.Have also found some heart shaped rocks for Hope.

This week we want to once again view the Hotel del Coronado Christmas decorations. Enjoyed it last year.

Last week we had Shade Pro Awnings come out and make an adjustment to our big awning. Several years ago we had them replace the slideout covers. They will be out this week to install the tire shades..should be much easier that the ones that slip around the tire, plus those get so dirty.

Read about a cleaning solution for the stainless steel sink in kitchen..put some baking powder on a sponge and wipe around then rinse with white vinegar..it really works..cheap and non toxic.

In March of 2015, we got the Withings app, scale and BP monitor. It has been a real incentive for daily walks. Yesterday I got the Ganges River badge showing I have walked 1,550 miles (length of the Ganges River). This is equivalent to 3,273,600 steps around an average of 2 1/2 miles a day. Some weeks I walk 20 miles to 25 miles depending on the weather and campground. You get badges for each milestone you walk.

Well that is about all for now, off to Bruegger''s and beach walk.

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