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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Nellis AFB 2016 Air Show

11-13 November 2016

This weekend is the 2016 Nellis AFB Air Show & Open House celebrating 75 years of airpower. The airshow featured air demonstrations by the Thunderbirds, USAFA Wings of Blue Parachute Team, Vicky Benzing's Stearman Biplane, West Coast Ravens and much more. Our last airshow was at DavisMonthan AFB earlier in the year.

Over the Tower

C-17A Globemaster


Boeing CH-47 Chinook


Gloria Under the C-5

Must say the West Coast Ravens demonstration was spectacular, unlike anything we have seen. They are a group of pilots from the Western states who fly some 24 airplanes in formation. The planes are custom built "RV" 's such as RV-4,RV-6,RV-7 and RV-8 built by the pilots. Their routines are symmetrical, precise and graceful. They also do missing man/honorary services..a four ship formation fly-over in which one pilot pulls up and out.

Vicky Benzing's Stearman biplane was built in 1940 for use as a military trainer.In later years it was modified to be used as a crop duster, In 1990 it was taken out of storage and converted to an acrobatic aircraft. Benzing bought the aircraft in 1998. She is an accomplished skydiver, pilot and aerobatic performer.

Wings of Blue gave a very good demonstration in precision parachuting. The highlight was the American flag as the National Anthem played. It all began some 54 years ago at the Academy. Each year more than 700 cadets are given the opportunity to earn their jump wings. The Wings of Blue have both a demonstration team and a competition team.We have, when camping at the Academy enjoyed watching them practice.

A Sight to Behold

Over our visits to Nellis RV park, we have enjoyed watching the Thunderbirds practice. I have taken many photos from the campground. They just returned from their 2016 year of touring around the world. They do an hour long demonstration combining years of training and experience flying only a few feet from wingtip to wingtip in the F-16.

In Front of the Thunderbirds

Coming to Rest

Famous Heart

It was a good show.

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