Our blog is to keep family and friends informed of our motorhome journeys.
We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving with Rose Mary & Chuck and their Family

24 November 2016

A very nice Thanksgiving spent with Rose Mary and Chuck and their family. They have 3 sons and 2 grandchildren.

Bilstein Family

With Our Friends

Cary and Mia

Jon, Melanie and Ian

We always feel welcome into their home. Our last Thanksgiving with them was when they lived in Oregon. Today brought back memories of their warm hospitality and welcoming us into their family gatherings. Thank you dear friends. You are truly blessed with a loving family.

Our Texas kids (4) and (6) grandkids celebrated together. We are happy that they are able to  get together for Thanksgiving.

Sons Eric & wife Cindy, Daughter Elizabeth, Son Darin and Husband Kerry, Daughter Christine and Husband Dave 
Granddaughters Kendyl & Parker, Grandsons Ryan, Michael, Cameron & Jack

Hope and family celebrated in Oregon with family and Cade caught a nice Steelhead ready for the grill when they return from their weekend. They drove through a snow fall.

Colt,Cade and Casey enroute to Shady Cove

Snowy Drive

Cade and his Steelhead

Daughter Hope, Colt, Cade and Shawn

We, too,are truly blessed with our family and our life together. In June 0f 2018 we have 2 grandsons in 2 parts of Texas graduating HS. Sure hope they are on 2 different days. We have decided to leave the iHome at Nellis Rv Park and fly into San Antonio and out of Dallas. We are doing this as we are planning on going to Alaska afterwards and does not make sense to drive to Texas and add an additional 2500 miles to the trip.

The weather in LV is in the 50's during day and 30's at night. Darin and Kerry are going to be here for an event next weekend and we will go to lunch on that Sunday. We leave here on the 6th for Coronado and in January for Camp Pendleton before returning to Nellis in February and March.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Super Moon and John Mull's Roadkill

14 November 2016

Last night was the Super Moon, first one this close to Earth since 1948. After half dozen shots, finally got a good one.

Super Moon Over Nellis AFB 13 Nov 2016

Today is last day Jim and Gloria are here before heading to Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson, so we went to John Mull's Roadkill for lunch. This is first time for them and our 3rd or 4th time. Brought leftovers home for dinner.

They and I had the pulled pork and John the hot links. This is one of the best in LV. We go to their location off Craig RD on Thom.  Sure hate to see them go, but will meet up again. Safe travels our friends and keep us posted.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Nellis AFB 2016 Air Show

11-13 November 2016

This weekend is the 2016 Nellis AFB Air Show & Open House celebrating 75 years of airpower. The airshow featured air demonstrations by the Thunderbirds, USAFA Wings of Blue Parachute Team, Vicky Benzing's Stearman Biplane, West Coast Ravens and much more. Our last airshow was at DavisMonthan AFB earlier in the year.

Over the Tower

C-17A Globemaster


Boeing CH-47 Chinook


Gloria Under the C-5

Must say the West Coast Ravens demonstration was spectacular, unlike anything we have seen. They are a group of pilots from the Western states who fly some 24 airplanes in formation. The planes are custom built "RV" 's such as RV-4,RV-6,RV-7 and RV-8 built by the pilots. Their routines are symmetrical, precise and graceful. They also do missing man/honorary services..a four ship formation fly-over in which one pilot pulls up and out.

Vicky Benzing's Stearman biplane was built in 1940 for use as a military trainer.In later years it was modified to be used as a crop duster, In 1990 it was taken out of storage and converted to an acrobatic aircraft. Benzing bought the aircraft in 1998. She is an accomplished skydiver, pilot and aerobatic performer.

Wings of Blue gave a very good demonstration in precision parachuting. The highlight was the American flag as the National Anthem played. It all began some 54 years ago at the Academy. Each year more than 700 cadets are given the opportunity to earn their jump wings. The Wings of Blue have both a demonstration team and a competition team.We have, when camping at the Academy enjoyed watching them practice.

A Sight to Behold

Over our visits to Nellis RV park, we have enjoyed watching the Thunderbirds practice. I have taken many photos from the campground. They just returned from their 2016 year of touring around the world. They do an hour long demonstration combining years of training and experience flying only a few feet from wingtip to wingtip in the F-16.

In Front of the Thunderbirds

Coming to Rest

Famous Heart

It was a good show.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Valley of the Fire SP with Gloria and Jim

8 November 2016

Today we drove to Valley of the Fire SP with Gloria and Jim. John and I visited here in February 2013 and this was Jim and Gloria's first visit. It is reached via IH 15 north to exit 75 east. The entrance is 15 miles and cost is $10/vehicle.

Map of Park 
Visitor Center

The redstone formations are absolutely beautiful caused by shifting sand dunes during the age of the dinosaurs 150 million years ago. Uplifting and erosion have created this beautiful landscape.  The region was inhabited many, many years ago by  the "Basket Maker" people and later the Anasazi Pueble farmers from at that time the Moapa Valley.

The Beehives are unusual formations eroded by wind and water.

Jim & Gloria in Front of Beehive

In Front of the Beehive

View of Rock Formations from Beehives

Another View
We then drove the Scenic Loop Road to stops at Atlatl Rock and Arch Rock.

Arch Rock

 A stairway to the top of Atlata Rock for viewing the ancient petroglyphs. The atlatl was a predecessor to the bow and arrow.


Stairway to Top


Gloria and Jim at Top

Located in the park is a Visitor Center, several picnic areas, many hiking trails and two campgrounds, some with water and electric. The Visitor Center has several exhibits and interpretive signs. Be sure you bring a picnic lunch and plenty water and drinks.

Picnic Stop

Cute Chipmunk..Feed it some Morsels
After lunch, we continued on the White Domes road with stops at Rainbow Vista and White Domes.

Rainbow Vista gives you a panoramic view of multi colored sandstone formations.

White Domes has contrasting colors and features a 1.25 scenic trail. We did this last time.

Enroute to the East entrance we stopped at Seven Sisters and Cabins/Lone Rock.

Seven Sisters features seven red rock formations with picnic areas. My photo from 2013 gave a better view of the rocks.

Cabins features several historic stone cabins built with native sandstone by the CCC in the 1930's as a shelter for travelers of the Arrowhead Trail.

After doing the driving tour, a picnic lunch and visit to the Center, we opted to depart from the East entrance..a nice drive with views of Lake Mead area. It was a good day with lots of pictures taken.

This is definitely a must if visiting Las Vegas.