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Monday, October 31, 2016

Friends and Chores

31 October 2016

Have spent the last 10 days visiting with friends, doing major cleaning of iHome, getting it washed and John doing those long delayed repairs of minor things such as replacing cabinet hinges etc. He still has a list of things to do.

I also framed some pictures of the kids and grandkids.

We visited with Donna and Larry, our friends from Alaska and touring their new 5th wheel and cab. We last saw them at Fairchild AFB in Spokane in August. John took them to the airport for their 2 week trip back to Alaska.

Cab with Smart Car

5th Wheel

The campground is adding 82 spaces with the construction to start in December. This has been in the planning stage for sometime. Anxious to see the finished campground. We certainly like our site 6 across from Circle 1. Hope we are able to get this area when we return in February.

Plans for New Addition

We had our checkups at the clinic and all is well. Other than a few aches and pains, I am doing fine. John's A1C was lower and due to his Type 2 diabetes, he has to have an eye examine. I will get one as well as it has been 2 years.

We  met our good friends, Rose Mary and Chuck at the Bagel Cafe for lunch one day. I had every intention of getting a corned beef sandwich, but couldn't resist the salmon sandwich..passed on the bread. John brought his other 1/2  corned beef home for dinner. It was so good seeing them again and sure we will have more visits during our stays in the next few months.

Rose Mary and Chuck

The  campground has many activities planned for November and we are looking forward to the airshow the weekend of the 12th. Should be a lot of fun.

Upcoming Activities
Managed to get a few photos of a sunset.

Our RV friends, Jim and Gloria are due in tomorrow for a week. Looking forward to seeing them again. We last visited at Whidbey and McChord.

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  1. You four are having all this fun without us!!! Glad you got good doctor reports. What kind of sandwich did Chuckles get? It's loaded! Send us your itinerary when you have it organized again.