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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Lunch with Friends and Gates of Mountains Boat Tour

18  August 2016

Today was a very nice day starting with a delicious lunch at Rocky and Loretta's joined by their friends Jackie and Dan whom we had met at Nellis. Loretta gave us tour of their lovely home and Rocky took us on a tour of the 2 acre yard filled with many trees, grape arbor and lots of flowers and bushes. Think they planted the yard to encourage the deer to come and partake of all the goodies, especially the pear tree. Loretta prepared a very good chicken salad and Rocky a yummy crab salad. Jackie bought a delicious lemon  pie. After lunch we drove north on IH 5 around 10 miles to the exit for the "Gates of the Mountain" boat cruise.

Exit Sign

View Toward Marina


Reader Board

Our Tour Boat

We are so happy they suggested this as we  probably would not have known about it..thus missing out on a very nice and informative cruise. The captain gave a very good history of the area and we imagined Lewis and Clark on this leg of their journey.

The tour starts at the marina on Lake Holter and continues on the Missouri. Lewis and Clark named "The Gates" on 19 July 1805 as they entered the cliffs rising from the water's edge to a height of 1200 feet giving appearance of the river forcing its way through the solid rock. They called it the gates of the rocky mountains. The cliffs are made up of Mission Canyon Limestone. It is said that this area is one of the most recognized landmarks of the expedition.

Rocky,Loretta, Jackie & Dan

The Two of Us

Walking to the Boat
Entrance to Missouri

Devil's Slide

Eye of the Rhino

Cave in the Cliffs

Gates of the Mountains

Pictrographs on the Cliffs (OrangeMarkings)

View of Land Across from Marina

In 1949 the Mann Gulch fire took 13 lives and burned over 3,000 acres in very short time. As the men headed toward the river, high winds caused the fire to expand cutting off their route and forcing them back up the hill. Only 2 of the 15 survived.

Certain times of the year abundant wildlife is viewed; however, I only saw 1 mule deer some eagles and osprey...too far away for good photos.

Lonely  Mule Deer

It was a fun and enlightening afternoon.

Thank you again, Rocky and Loretta, for suggesting this. It was also nice to see Jackie and Dan again.

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