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Friday, August 5, 2016

Canada Mint Tour and Arrival Grand Forks AFB ND

3 August 2016

Before our departure tomorrow for Grand Forks AFB, we toured the Canada Mint. A very interesting tour giving you insight to the coin minting process with viewing platforms into the mint area. I learned that steel,copper and nickel are the metals used depending on the coin except for collectors sets. The penny is no longer used..ie if a purchase is consists of pennies, it  is rounded off to the nearest coin value. Paper money is printed by a private company in Ottawa. There is another mint in Ottawa as well. The mint also produces coins for many other countries as noted by the flags at the entrance.

Canada Mint-Winnipeg

Flags at Entrance

Small Lake at Entrance

On the tour you can handle a gold bar under guard and chained. It was too heavy for me to fully lift. Also  got up close with a moose in the lobby.

Trying to Pickup Gold Bar

Hugs for Mr. Moose

There were several small children on the tour who asked very intelligent questions and showed great interest in the  tour. I must say that in our travels in Canada we have noticed the many cultural and outdoor activities that children participate with less electronic usage. They are also very polite and versed in English and French.

4 August 2016

We got an early start after our last stop at Tim Horton's for breakfast and coffee. Power went out in campground last night due to severe thunderstorm. Yes,we could have started the generator,but not at 6AM. Our drive down Hwy 75 to IH 29 across border into North Dakota was 3 1/2 hrs. Since the AFB does not take reservations,we wanted to arrive early for a spot. This is our first time here and very pleased with the campground. Lots of walking paths and open spaces with large sites..absolutely no complaints. We will only be here 3 nights before going to Minot. Price is $14/day..full hookups.

Our Site

View of OpenArea

Still plagued with mosquitoes..they do spray here as well as Canada. Continue to use Bath and Body Eucalyptus body cream..apply it several times a day. Mosquitoes seem to be attracted more to John..guess he is sweeter.

Grand Forks AFB is home to the 319th ABW (Air Base Wing), proud warrior airmen delivering air,space and cyberspace to the Combatant Commands. The base opened in 1957. During the Cold War,it was a major installation of the SAC with B-52 bombers,KC-135 tankers and minuteman IBMs.

Our next stop will be Minot ND for 2 nights.

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