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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Visit to Lower Fort Garry

26 July 2016

Today we visited  Lower Fort Garry located in  the town of St Andrews off Hwy 9 about 50km north of Winnipeg on the Red River.

Visitor Center

Settlement Area at Fort Garry

Lower Fort Garry as mentioned in previous blog was built in 1830's by HBC due to flooding of Upper Fort Garry. Treaty One was made between the Saulteaux, Swampy Cree and the Crown here. Also known as the Stone Fort Treaty it is the first treaty since the 1867 formation of the modern Canadian Government and one year after the Province of Manitoba was formed. The Ojibwe and other tribes set the agenda wanting good treaties before the settlers would be allowed to enter. Later treaties were signed giving more provisions to the First Nations.

HBC Marker

Treaty One Plaque

Lower Fort Garry is purported to be the only restored stone fur trade post in North America. In later years it was the first training center of NWMP and Manitoba's first prison and asylum. In the 1900's, it became kind of a country motor club for the elite.

The main purpose the fort  served was as a supply depot for the Red River Settlement. Many of the furs were brought here to be repackaged and sent to England. Essential goods were traded here for the farmers and hunters.

The HBC owned the fort until 1951 when it was given to the government and named a NHS in 1958. Costumed interpreters recreate life at the fort. The fort contains many of the original stone buildings and era furnishings.

We opted to do a walking tour of the fort..a short walk from the Visitor Center.

Our first stop was The Guest Cottage built in the 1840's that served visiting HBC officials.

Guest Cottage

Fiddler at Guest Cottage

Guest Bedroom


  We then visited the Farm Manager's Cottage and First Nation's Camp area and Blacksmith's Shop.

Fraser House Marker

Fraser Cottage


Interpretor Explaining About the Loom

First Nations Camp
Blacksmith Shop

Blacksmith at Work
Entering the Fort, my first stop was the Southwest Bastion.

Southwest Bastion Signage

Southwest Bastion

A visit of the Fur/Loft Sales Shop showed many items imported from England via the York Boats.

Fur/Loft Store

Store Clerk
Next a stop at the Warehouse. This later became NWMP training center, prison and social club.


Storage of Goods

Display area about the Motor Club

Display area of RCMP center
The Big House is closed for rennovations until next year.

Big House
Our last stops were at the Doctor's Office,bakery and Men's House.

Doctor's Office



Men's House


Sleeping Quarters

It was a very nice day and we hope to return on Monday when they have the RCMP Musical Parade. We had the pleasure of viewing on during our visit to Saskatchewan in 2014.

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