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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Museum of Manitoba

27 July 2016

After visiting Forts Gibraltar and Douglas we visited the Museum of Manitoba. This is the largest museum in Winnipeg. The museum features extensive collections of artifacts in human and natural history in some 9 galleries.We specifically wanted to view the Hudson Bay Company and Nonsuch exhibits.

Map of Museum

The HBC gallery tells the story of one of the oldest commercial businesses still in existence and its impact on Canadian History. It tells the stories of the people who worked in the fur trade, the quest for the North West Passage and the establishment of the trading empire stretching from Labrador to Vancouver Island.

Bison Hunt

About the Red River Cabin

Red River Cabin

La Verendrye Exhibit

Red River Cart

First Nations Tepee

Working the Fields

Harvesting the Grain

HBC Trade Goods

HBC Trade Goods

Caribou Inuit Outfit

York Boat

The Nonsuch (a 1650 ketch) sailed into Hudson Bay in 1668 in the first trading voyage for what was to become the Hudson Bay Company two years later. The name means "none such" ..unequalled. It was originally built as a merchant ship and latera Royal Navy ketch. Because her size was small she could be sailed up river after arriving in Hudson and James Bays.

On display is the replica crafted from tools and materials similar to the 17th century construction. When completed in 1970, she was placed on the M.V. Halifax City and carried to Canada. The Nonsuch then sailed down the Atlantic Coast, through the Great Lakes and was placed on a semitrailer and taken to Seattle  for a voyage down the Pacific Coast. It was then presented to the citizens of Canada and placed on permanent display at the Museum after a 90ft gallery was built to house it.

Nonsuch Voyage Map

Replica of Nonsuch

John on Board

Also featured in the Museum is a moving tribute to Terry Fox. I wrote about him in a previous blog when we visited his memorial in Thunder Bay. The traveling exhibit titled "Terry Fox: Running to the Heart of Canada", tells of his incredible story and his determination to run across Canada beginning in Newfoundland and ending in British Columbia. Unfortunately, while in Thunder Bay his cancer returned and his life cut short. His legacy lives on in the Terry Fox runs that have raised money for the cure and his inspiration.

Terry Fox

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