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Monday, July 4, 2016

Ermatinger and Clergue Stone Houses-Sault Ste Marie,ONT

3 July 2016

Today we toured the Ermatinger Stone House and the Clergue Stone Blockhouse located at the National Historic Site on Bay Street downtown Sault Ste Marie, ONT.

Visitor Center

With Mac the Moose

According to John, this is our second  visit, the first being in August 2013. For the life of me I can't remember being here before as I did not write a blog or have any pictures, which is so unlike me. I do  remember visiting the Michigan side of the canal and Fort St Joseph.

The Ermatinger House and Clergue's Blockhouse are two of the oldest stone buildings NW of Toronto. The Ermatinger House has been restored to depict the life of Charles Ermatinger and other residents between 1808 and 1870. The family was heavily involved in the fur trade.

Plaque for Ermatinger House

Ermatinger House


Ladies Parlor


Dining Room



Master Bedroom

Charles was married to the daughter of Ojibway Chief Katawabeta. They had 13 children. He also took part in the War of 1812 capturing Fort Mackinaw. He and his family lived in the Stone House until his return to Montreal in 1828.

Many prominent citizens occupied the house . It was at times occupied by a missionary, sheriff, judge, hotel, YMCA, social club and apartments until it was purchased by the city in 1964.

The Clergue Blockhouse was moved to the present location in 1996. The house served as a residence for industrialist Frances Clergue from 1894-1908. He developed multiple industries in Sault Ste Marie including pulp mills, water, light,power and other natural resources. The lower part of the blockhouse dates to 1819 and was a  powder magazine for the HBC. clergue lied on the upper floor consisting of kitchen,reception area and bedroom. By 1903 he had overextended his  resources and filed for bankruptcy. He never married and spent his final days in Montreal dying in 1939.


Clergue Blockhouse

Living Room

Info About Clergue



Photo of House


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