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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Old Barracks-Trenton NJ

9 June 2016

Today we drove down to Trenton,NJ to visit The Old Barracks.

Entry to Barracks

Old Barracks & Officer's Quarters

Battle of Trenton Signage

Battle of Trenton Display

Trenton Barracks known as "The Old Barracks" is located downtown near the Capital. Be sure and visit the museum and view the film. Fred gave us a very informative tour relating the history of the American Revolution, living conditions of the soldiers and medical practices. Thank you Fred.

Native American

French and Indian War NJ Soldier

British Soldier

Signage About Cannon-4 Pounder

4 Poounder FieldPeace Tube

The Barracks was a former British Garrison and later a military hospital. The Barracks was built in 1758 as winter quarters for 300 British troops during the French and Indian War and later Officers' House was built. During the Revolutionary War, the Barracks was occupied by American, Hessian and British troops.

Enlisted Quarters

Officer's Quarters

Officer's Bedroom

Dining Room Officer's Quarters

Fire Buckets

Fred Showing Flag Presented to Barracks as Gift From Queen Elizabeth

On the morning of 26 December 1776 ,Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware, surprising the Hessians and thus a major turning point in the war. This was known as the first battle of Trenton. After months of defeat and retreat for the Continental Army, this victory changed the morale of the army and country.  In the next ten days  additional victories and the second battle of Trenton occurred,

The Americans returned to the Barracks and in 1777, it became an army hospital under Dr Bodo Otto who oversaw smallpox inoculations for the Continental Army. Disease killed more soldiers during the Revolutionary War than combat.


Doctor's Office

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