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Monday, June 27, 2016

Fort Temiscamingue-Ville Marie, QC

27 June 2016

Today we drove to Ville Marie in Quebec to visit Fort Temiscamingue founded by the French in 1720. Prior to this is was a trading post built in 1679. In 1795, the Fort became the property of the North West Trading Company, later acquired by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1821. HBC operated the fort until 1902.


Visitor Center

Today this Historic Site holds valuable historic and archaeological  history that needs protection. Canada does a very good job of preserving history and sites. The setting of the fort is on Lake Temiscamingue.
Lake Temiscamingue

Model of Fort

Museum Exhibit

Museum Exhibit
Another Model of Fort


View of Trade Store
HBC Flag

It would take the Voyageurs' from Montreal by canoe 25 days doing 20  portages, carrying up to 3 4kg bundles . After the trade, they would make the journey back to Montreal. Between 1825 and 1861, they were routed toward Hudson's Bay.


Bartering the Goods

Making of the Canoes

Finished Product

The store was the place of barter and trade. The front is where the the exchange would take place, then the furs were taken to the back of the store where they were treated, compressed into bundles and shipped off to England.

The Trade Store

Info Marker on Store

Other buildings in the fort were Chief Factor's House, the Dairy and Icebox, the Clerk's House, Carpentry and Blacksmith shops, cemeteries and mission.

Chief Factor's House


Dairy & Ice House

Blacksmith Forge


The Visitor Center has a very good display and recommend viewing the film on The Voyageurs.

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