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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Visit to James White's Fort-Knoxville

25 May 2016

After visiting Sevier's Farmstead we drove into the city to visit James White's Fort across from the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame.

Entrance to Fort


The fort is the birthplace of Knoxville and the land given as a gift to White for his service as a Captain in the Revolutionary War. The original log cabin was built in 1785 on 1,000 acres of land  given to him by the State of North Carolina. More cabins were built and fortified behind an 8x10 ft stockade housing nearly 100 people.  The wall was built mostly to keep out wild animals.In 1791 the land grant was laid off into the Capital of the Territory South of the Ohio River,thus the beginning of Knoxville. By 1800 he had 125,000 acres. Land was selling for 1/4 cent acre. In his family he had 7 children.

Smoke House to Rt of Wishing Well


Weaving House

Guest House

Interior of Guest House

Kitchen area of Guest House



Back of Main House

White had a very friendly relationship with the Cherokee as he was their negotiator for treaties and posed no great threat to them.

In 1796 Tennessee became the 16th state with Knoxville as its capital. By then the town had grown and he did not living among large numbers of people, so in 1793 he left and went upriver to another plantation where he died in 1821.

The house and  kitchen are original with the other buildings a restoration and opened to the public in 1970.

Original Main House & Kitchen

Kitchen Main House

On leaving, spotted this Mockingbird posing for a photo.

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