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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Point Park,TN

03 May 2016

Today we drove up to Lookout Mountain to visit Point Park the site of the Civil War battle referred to as "The Battle Above the Clouds". In 1863 Union and Confederate forces fought for the control of Chattanooga, a strategic location for the winning of the war due to the rail  and river access. As the Confederates were victorious at Chickamauga, renewed fighting in Chattanooga provided Union troops the victory and control of the city. After winning several battles around Chattanooga in November of 1863,the Confederates were driven south to Georgia.

Entrance to  Point Park

Map of Park

Signage Board

Signage Depicting Chattnooga Battles

No actual fighting took place on Point Park, but instead on the slopes. Confederates on the top were out of the fight due to the sheer slopes and the cannons could not be angled downward to hit the Union soldiers on the slopes below.Later in the day a thick fog blankets the mountain. The confederates under order of General Bragg retreated and the next day Union soldiers planted the US Flag on Point Lookout.

Battle of Lookout

Battery Signage

Occupation of the Summit

Union Casualties of Chattanooga

Confederate Casualties of Chattanooga

There is so much more to the history and I am only touching on the high points of some of the battles.

Artillery in the Park is historic, the views of the Cumberland Valley and Chattanooga spectacular and the history signage very informative.

Pointed at Chattanooga

Lookout Valley Sign

View of Cumberland Valley
 The New York Peace Monument symbolizes reunification and reconciliation using Tennessee marble and Massachusetts pink granite.
New York Peace Monument

Hands on the Cannon
Moccasin Bend tells stories spanning over 12,000 years. During the siege of Chattanooga, Union troops opened a supply route across the bend out of reach of Confederate artillery.

View of Moccasin Bend

Umbrella Rock

View of Chattanooga

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