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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Missionary Ridge Drive-Chattanooga

10 April 2016

A slight break in the weather and our time drawing near, we did the Missionary Ridge drive starting on the north end and ending south in Georgia. The drive is winding, two lanes and passes by many beautiful  homes affording a grand view of Chattanooga. Displayed in the yards are plaques, cannons, monuments and artillery relating the history of the battle that took place on 25 November 1863 which resulted in the taking of Chattanooga by the Union forces and forcing the Confederates to retreat to Georgia. As a result, Chattanooga was transformed into a supply and communications base for General Sherman's 1864 Atlanta Campaign.

View From Top of Ridge

Minnesota Monument

Ohio Monument

Notice Cannons Facing Frontdoor

Illinois Monument Bragg Reservation

We have taken in so much history during our travels through Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee with more to come when we visit Nashville and Knoxville. From the War of 1812, to Trail of Tears and now Civil War, I find it difficult to absorb everything. As I mentioned previously, our campground sits on a Civil War Battlefield and I swear during the night I hear ghost cannons...tee hee. As we continue northward through Virginia,West Virginia, NY Etc..so much more history to absorb...not to mention the past 7 years of our travels. John has done a great job with his website fortwiki.com which has peaked my interest in the history of the USA.

It was difficult to take photos on our drive as there were only parking areas at DeLong Reservation and Bragg Reservation and the drive was around 10 miles.

Tomorrow is get ready to go day and Thursday we depart for Nashville for a week.

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