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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fort Negley, State Capitol and Museum

14 May 2016

A visit to Fort Negley, The Tennessee State Museum and a brief walk around the Capitol completed our day.

Fort Negley is the largest inland stone fortification built during the Civil War and stood as the centerpiece of Union occupied Nashville covering 4 acres, 600 ft long and 300ft wide. The fort was built August-December 1862 atop St Cloud Hill  by 2700 conscript laborers mostly runaway slaves and free Blacks atop St. Cloud Hill. The fort contained 11 guns.



Map of Area During War

Map of Fort Negley

Sally Port Signage

Sally Port

Inside the Fort

Walks with Signage

Following the surrender to the Union Army at Fort Donelson on 15 February 1862, Nashville became a fortified stonghold for the Union. During the Battle of Nashville in December 1864, the artillery at Fort Negley drove off General Hood's forces. When Tennessee rejoined the Union in 1867, the army dismantled the majority of Nashville's defenses.

The area became a popular picnic area after efforts to preserve it failed. Finally in 1928 the city purchased the property and in 1936, 800 men from the WPA reconstructed the fort at a cost of $84,000 and the fort reopened to the public. in the 60's it was closed due to removal of deteriorated stockade. In reopened 2004 after extensive renovation offering interpretive panels ,walkways and visitor center.

The Capitol served as a fortification consisting of earthworks and gun emplacements named Fort Johnson. Buried on the grounds are President James Polk and his wife. The Capitol was completed in 1859.

Tennessee Capitol

View of Capitol Mall


Andrew Jackson Statue

SGT Alvin York Statue

The Tennessee State Museum houses exhibits from prehistoric Indians to the Civil War and 20th century history. The museum is entered via the Performing Arts Center and has 3 levels of displays. One really needs a full day to take this in.

Map of Museum

Black History Signage

Slave Aution Signage

Black History During Civil War

Antebellum Display

Wood Shop

Printing Press

Loom Display

Water Wheel

There are several murals in the downtown area and this one caught my eye.

One Day I Will Rescue Your Brother, Too

Tomorrow is another long day as we will travel to Franklin and Murfreesboro.

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