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Friday, April 22, 2016

Visit to Fort Mims

21 April 2016

In spite of cloudy weather and possible rain, we drove the 150 miles to Tensaw in order to visit Fort Mims.

It was here on 30 August 1813 700 Redstick lead by Red Eagle (William Weatherford) attacked the fort and massacredover 500 settlers, mostly women and children. The Redstick faction of the Creek nation strongly opposed the influx of American settlers. Another faction of the Creek who were opposed to the violence of the Redstick and who had intermarried with European and American, had previously attacked the Redstick which then initiated this massacre.

Inside of Fort

Memory Monument

Monument to those slain

Site of Mims House


Blockhouse Signage

Ironically, Red Eagle or William Weatherford was the son of a Scotsman and Indian Princess.

In March 1814, Andrew Jackson and his army defeated the Creek Nation at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. In August of that year, the defeated leaders of the Creek Nation met at Fort Jackson and ceded 23 million acres to the US.

We then drove to the gravesite of William Weatherford and his Mother.

And the rains came. So tomorrow will be a stay at home day. The weekend is supposed to be sunny and we are planning more touring toward Birmingham.

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