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Monday, April 11, 2016

Tour of Baton Rouge Capitol Park

9 April 2016

Today we drove the 125 miles to Baton Rouge in order to tour the Capitol Park. The signs in the Park are in need of replacement as noted by some below.

View of Capitol Park From Observation Deck

Map of Walking Tour

Huey Long was a senator and governor who went from obscure north Louisiana lawyer to flamboyant political figure responsible for the building of the Capitol in 1932 and later assassinated in 1935. It took 14 months to complete at a cost of $5 million. There are 34 floors standing at 450 feet. It is the tallest Capitol in the US. Long is buried on the grounds. Take the elevator to the observation deck to get a great view of the city.

Baton Rouge Capitol

Monument & Grave Of Huey Long

At the Zachary Taylor homesite only a marker is evident. He named the cottage "Buena Vista" after his famous victory in the Mexican War.

Signage for Zachary Taylor Homesite

A marker gives a brief description of Fort San Carlos. The British built a large star shaped earthen fort. Spanish forces attacked the fort in 1779 and ended British rule of the lower Mississippi River. The fort was then named San Carlos.

Fort San Carlos Plaque

The Pentagon Barracks so named for its shape and begun in 1819 was completed in 1824. The Barracks have been used over the years by the Army, LSU student housing and now legislators when in session.

View of Pentagon Barracks From Observation Tower

Pentagon Barracks Courtyard

Signage for Barracks

Another View of Barracks

Indian Mound dates back almost 1,000 years and served as a temple or chief's house. Later it served as a cemetery for the military. Native Americans lived in this area for 3,500 years.

Plaque for Indian Mound

Indian Mound 

The Old Arsensal  Museum circa 1838 building boasts 4 1/2 foot thick walls was part of an Army post stationed on the grounds from 1810 to 1885.

View of Arsenal From Observation Tower

Inside View

On our way back to Lake Charles, we took a detour to Port Hudson SHS Battleground. The siege of Port Hudson began on 23 May 1863. 30,000 Union troops against 6800 Confederates. After 48 days and thousands of casualties, the Union Army entered Port Hudson with the siege becoming the longest in American military history.

Entrance to Port Hudson

Model of Essex

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