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Monday, April 11, 2016

Drive to Gulfport

10 April 2016

Back on IH 10 for drive to Gulfport MS and Shields Navy Base Rv Park until the 14th.

Took some  photos driving across the Atchafalaya Swamp and  stop at Visitor Center at exit 121 for lunch. We then continued on IH 10 toward Baton Rouge getting on IH 12.

The Louisiana Visitor Center has some nice exhibits.

The Atchafalaya National Heritage Area is  home to the nation's largest river swamp and runs 150 miles north to south. It contains a complex ecosystem, home to over 85 species of fish, over 270 species of birds, alligators,snakes,swamps, marshes,bayous and backwater lakes. I guess I will never understand the mystique of living in areas such as this.

A stop at the Mississippi Visitor Center for brochures was next.

We arrived at Shields RV park around 3PM. The base is home to the Gulfport Naval Construction Battalion Center and this is our 3rd stay here.

As we were settling in, Jim knocked on our door to say he and Gloria had been following my blog and knew we were arriving today. I must admit, my mind went blank with names, but remembered them from campground last year in Ft McChord and later Travis. Found out that we had just missed them at Davis Monthan. They are headed to Florida from here and we are going to Montgomery. Hopefully, we will meet again on the road. Below is photo from Travis in Oct 2015.

Jim and Gloria

Since our last visit here in 2013, there is a new campground on the far end of the base near the lake. Both campgrounds are very nice.

Weather is supposed to turn windy and rainy next few days.

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