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One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Red Clay SHP and Old Stone Fort

28-29 April 2016

28 April

After departing Chickamauga we decided to drive up to Red Clay State Historic Park in Tennessee east of Chattanooga.

Red Clay served as the seat of the Cherokee from 1832 until their forced removal in 1838. It was here that the Trail of Tears really began for them when they learned they had lost their valleys, streams and mountains forever by another broken treaty that stripped them of their political sovereignty. During the War of 1812, Cherokee warriors fought alongside Andrew Jackson at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend against the Creek Indians who were aligned with the British.

Trail of Tears Signage

The Visitor Center contains exhibits on the 18th century Cherokee, Trail of Tears and art.
Visitor Center


Reconstructed buildings include the Council House, Sleeping Huts and Farm Houses. The Blue Hole was the water supply for the settlement. The Eternal Flame represents the suffering on the Trail of Tears and the reuniting of Eastern and Western Cherokee Nations.

Council Building

Farm House

Sleeping Huts

Blue Hole Spring

29 April 2016

Today was a day to explore Historic Civil War Markers from Chattanooga west to Manchester for John's website.

Our last stop was Old Stone Fort Archaeological Park in Manchester TN. Old Stone Fort was a Native American ceremonial mound over 2,000 years old and used at least through the 5th century. There are hiking trails around the mound. This 50 acre Mound site may have represented the culture's concept of their place in the cosmos and a separation of the sacred and mundane. It is located on a peninsula at the confluence of the Duck and Little Duck Rivers.

Map of Old Stone Fort

Visitor Center(Not Original to Site)


Site of Mound

By the Waterfall

Visit to Chickamauga, GA

28 April 2016

On the way to the town of Chickamauga, GA we drove through the Chickamauga Battle Field, We last visited this is July of 2010. Since we had been here before, only took a few photos and stopped in the Visitor Center. Lincoln felt that if Chattanooga could be captured, it would cripple the Confederacy. Throughout the battlefield are monuments and memorials honoring those who fought. Most stops follow the final days of the battle at Chickamauga.  In the end the Confederates rout the Union Army on 20 September 1863. In November 1863 the Union defeat the Confederacy at Chattanooga.

Visitor Center

Front of Visitor Center

Map of Battlefield

Missionary Ridge Monument

Monuments and Cannons

Chickamauga, GA  was settled by the Cherokee before the 1800's where they stayed until their forced Exodus during the "Trail of Tears" in 1838. Over the years it was settled by farming families. The Lee and Gordon families established a plantation and built a grist mill and general store. The Gordon-Lee Mansion was built in the 1840's and is now only open on Saturdays for tours. During the Battle of Chickamauga, the mansion was used  by General Rosecrans as his headquarters and the wounded were cared for in the home.

Walking up to Mansion

Slave Cabin on Plantation

Early Water Supply for town

In the early 20th century, the town became a textile-mill area.  Today,the mill has been demolished and the economy of the area seems to be in distress. The town today is host to many antique and speciality shops. We stopped in the Depot Museum that houses many artifacts from the Civil War and other wars as well a model train exhibit.
Demolished Mill

Depot Heritage Museum

We had lunch at Crystal Springs Barbeque across from the grocery store.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Barbeque and Drive to Next Campsite in Rossville GA

26 April 2016

A belated 75th birthday dinner as the restaurant was closed yesterday. Dreamland Restaurant was recommended by a docent at the Confederate White House for the best barbeque in Montgomery.

On the way into the restaurant we passed a plaque of the Union War Prison .

We decided on the combo plate of ribs and sausage with baked beans and cole slaw.well, John got the Mac & Cheese instead of the baked beans, but I shared with him.  Food was delicious. In the course of the dinner, we decided to depart tomorrow instead of Thursday due to weather of thunderstorms.  Called the campground and they were able to accommodate us in the same site.

My Combo Plate

John enjoying the ribs

27 April 2016

Our drive today toward Chattanooga was pleasant taking IH 65 to IH 59 IH 24 and just across the TN stateline on IH 75 to Rossville GA arriving at Holiday Travel Park. We have a very nice site #138 with full hookups. The campground is located on a Civil War Battlefield. In the southwest corner stands a monument to the 84th Indiana Volunteer Regiment placed after the Civil War. The north-south streets are named for Civil War Officers, streets at the North end named for Union Commanders and the South end for Confederate Generals. Other streets are named for battles.

Site 138

Campground Area

84th Indiana Volunteer Monument

Chattanooga's name comes from a Creek Indian word meaning "rock coming to a point". It is also home to the first Coca-Cola Bottling plant in the world.

I remember coming through here as a small child with Mother and Daddy. In fact, it was here that Daddy bought me a camel coat which I am sure he could not afford, but made the sacrifice.

This area, too, has much history and we will in our two weeks try to visit as many sites as possible. Our last trip was in 2010, but only for a few days. We plan to explore TN,GA and more of AL within 150 mile radius.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Visit to Fort Tyler and National Infantry Museum

We have probably driven more backroads in Alabama than most locals as well as finding markers and fort sites that most locals have never known. It has been an education in the War of 1812 involving the Creek Nation as well as the Civil War in Alabama. We have enjoyed the backroad drives through the forests and many trees, the homes with the manicured and well kept yards and in one area many red birds. Made lots of wishes. Must say compared to other states we have visited, Alabama has the best roads. Only complaint about this area is lack of recycling and no stations to refill gallon water bottles that we use for coffee.

So off we went again today for another long drive to visit Fort Tyler in West Point GA and FT Benning in Columbus GA.

Fort Tyler is located on the West Bank of the Chattahoochee River just across the state line from Alabama. It was a small Confederate Fort built in 1865 in an effort to stop the Federal Troops from capturing West Point,GA. It was an earthen defense bastion armed with two 32-pounders and two field guns. On the morning of 16 April, the Union attacked the fort killing 7 Union and 18 Confederates including General Tyler.

Entrance Signage

Commemorative Plaque

Add caption

Our main purposes for going to Fort Benning was to visit the National Infantry Museum and the FAMCAMP. John also wanted to get photos of the historic area of the Fort. The fort supports more than 120,000 active duty military, family,reserves,retirees and civilian employees. It is home of the Infantry since 1918. In 2005 due to base realignment and closure, it was transformed into Maneuver Center of Excellence.

The Infantry Museum is one of the finest military museums we have visited and a must if in the Columbus GA area. It is located off base on Legacy Wy just off Ft Benning Dr and closed on Monday. The Museum features thousands of artifacts, interactive exhibits taking you through the history of the infantry. Planned for next year are exhibits on the War of Independence, War of 1812 and Civil War. I have selected just a few photos.



Family Hall


Outside are buildings from the Fort in 1941and Vietnam Memorial.
Interesting facts about those killed: 58,000 KIA or MIA, 25,000 were younger than 20 killed,17,000 were married killed,1,000 on first day were killed and 1400 were killed on last day.

Those Killed Facts

Reflections Monument

Timeline of Vietnam War

Honor Wall

Vietnam Wall

Monument to Revolutionary Infantrymen

On the way back, we stopped at Shakey's Pizza. I had my first taste of Shakey's in 1956 at age 15. Still very good today.

We liked the campground and will someday stay here. It is in a wooded area near a marina and lake.
Very poor cell and satellite, but maybe I will see some wildlife like deer.