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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tour of Ft Bliss Museum and Old Fort Bliss

27 March 2016

During our stay here we also visited the Ft. Bliss  Old Ironsides Museum. The museum has artifacts,vehicles and exhibits on the history of Ft Bliss and the 1st Armored Division. It is one of the more extensive Army museums we have visited and is now undergoing renovation, but still open.I just included several photos.

Cavalry Exhibit

Liberty Truck

Ambulance & Supply Wagon

Gatlin Gun

Patriot Scud Missile


We then toured the replica of the Old Fort Bliss located on the base consisting of five adobe buildings that stood from 1854-1868 in downtown El Paso. Ft Bliss was established in 1848 to assert authority over lands acquired after the Mexican War. Confederate forces were stationed here during the Civil War.


Replica of Old Fort Bliss

Adobe Buildings Old Fort Bliss

Don't Feed the Horses

Suttler Store

Both museums are open to the public with valid driver's license and proof  of registration and insurance.

Tomorrow we leave for Fort Stockton for 3 nights then on to Ft Sam in San Antonio to visit family and friends for a week.

Our stay here was pleasant except for the gale force winds which are common this time of year. Several days we brought the slides in and the satellite dish on roof down. Not worth the chance of losing awnings on slides or the dish. Made for tight quarters, but we managed.

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