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Monday, March 14, 2016

Thunder and Lightning Over Arizona Airshow-Davis Monthan AFB-Tucson

12 March 2016

This weekend is the Thunder and Lightning Over Arizona Airshow at Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson.

A-10 Thunderbolt


CJ-6 AND F-22 Flying Over AWAC

Predator Drone

C-17 Globemaster

We took the shuttle from the campground around 1000AM and returned at 400PM. We ended up walking 7 miles to the exhibits and other displays. Lots of food kiosks and touring of several of the military planes.

John stood in line for an hour in order to go up to the top deck of the C-5 Galaxy,the largest aircraft in the US inventory capable of delivering to any location in the world completely equipped combat units, support forces, weapons and military vehicles and cargo. The initial flight took place in 1968.

C-5 Galaxy

Inside of C-5 Galaxy

John on the top of C-5 Galaxy

The airshow started with the solo aerobatic stunts  by Jacquie Warda  flying an Extra 300 monoplane.

Jacquie B Stunt

Other demonstrations included "The Smoke n Thunder Jet Car" driven by Bill Braack,a former Air Force Flight Engineer. The crew has given over 4,000 performances approaching speeds of over 400 mph pulling 4.5 Gs. In bringing the car to a stop, he experiences 11 Gs of negative force.

Smoke N Thunder

Being towed to Runway

Kent Pietsch performed is amazing stunts in his yellow "Jelly Belly"  800 pound Interstate Cadet with a 37 foot wingspan. He has been performing aerobatic stunts since 1973 for millions of people and over 400 shows.He also executes comedy into his routine such as detached aileron and also a roof top landing on a moving vehicle.

Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly

There were F-22 , USAF Academy Skydiving Team-Wings of Blue, Blackhawk refueling,search and rescue demonstrations.


C-130 Hercules Refueling Blackhawk Helicopters
USAF Academy Skydiving

The final show of the day was a demonstration by the AF Thunderbirds.



Thunderbirds Downward Spiral

Heart Formation

One of the best Airshows we have experienced.  Admission is free; however, if you want to purchase box seats they are $20, Beer Garden area is $35 and Flight Line VIP is $135. No backpacks, coolers, food ,dogs or drinks permitted. The airshow is also open to the public.

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