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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Not Without Incident Traveling to Davis Monthan AFB Tucson

5 March 2016

Leaving Nellis with clean RV enroute to Kingman AZ and Ft Beale RV Park for 1 night. Drive took us over the Hoover Dam Pat Tillman Bridge and Lake Mead on Hwy 93..just 2 hours.

Lake Mead From Hwy 93

Ft Beale RV Park is a nice stopping point enroute to Tucson. The staff very nice and accommodating as we had to come in a day early and only stay 1 night instead of the two we had booked.
Ft Beale RV Park

As we were pulling out and John had hooked up the tow, he noticed that the left outside rear tire was flat. Fortunately he discovered this before we got on the road.

Flat Tire

We first called Good Sam and after almost an hour on the phone, got no where with them. The company they referred us to, wanted $80 up front without assessing the situation..so we cancelled and called Geico who helped us by sending out a very good repairman from Benny's Tire and Mobile Repair. Ron was so helpful and immediately got to the heart of the problem..a malfunctioning stem valve. He then checked all the valves, replacing 3 and giving us 2 extra plus helpful  hints to John  about maintenance. He was there about an hour. Charge was only $70 and John tipped him $20. Well worth it. Our Michelin Tires are only 2 years old. We thought at first it might have been a nail.  Mryna, the park host was very nice as we were at the entrance for over 2 hours. Thank you Ron and Mryna.

Due to our delay, we did not get to Davis Monthan AFB until 6PM. Traffic coming through Phoenix is a nightmare.Since the RV park does not take reservations, you find a spot in dry camp and go to the office next morning to get a space. We were lucky in getting a very nice space #20 for our stay until the 21st. This is our 3rd stay here. The Thunderbirds are giving a show on the 12th and 13th and we met up with friends we met at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs last year. Marta and Bill live here and have put their home up for sale and are in the RV park to avoid the potential buyers so they don't have to leave everytime there is a showing.

Davis Monthan Agave Gulch RV Park #20
Took some photos of the plants in the park. Can't identify the red one.
Cholla Cactus

Barrel Cactus

Can't Identify

Creosote Bush

Sweet Acacia Tree

Our nice clean RV that John so diligently waxed is covered with bugs and dust. Oh well, comes with the territory.

Waxing the iHome

Very Good Product

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  1. Glad to hear you made it safe, we left Nellis this morning & made it to Twin Falls! We will be in the Boise area for about a week....waiting for our Volvo truck to arrive.
    We will keep you updated.
    Larry & Donna