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We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Lunch and Movie with Chuck & Rose Mary

27-28 February 2016

Today we met Chuck and Rose Mary for lunch at "JOHN MULL"S ROADKILL" for barbeque.

We each had something different..chicken,pulled pork sandwich,brisket etc. They have very good Mac and Cheese.Took leftovers home for dinner. Line ordering and outside dining. Very good.

In the course of conversation a movie "Lady in the Van" came up and we decided to meet tomorrow at Chuck and Rose Mary's for drive to Regal Theatre on Sahara. If Maggie Harris had not been in it, probably would not have peaked my interest, but after seeing the movie,  so glad we went. She was perfect for the part. In case you are not familiar with the story, it is about a homeless older woman who lives in a van and manages to talk her way into the driveway of author and playwright Alan Bennett. She lives there for 15 years. I recommend for all to see.

We then came back for some time with Chuck and Rose Mary on the patio watching the rabbits and quail on the golfcourse. The rabbits are so cute. We enjoy our visits with them and look forward to seeing them again in October.
Relaxing on the Patio

Thank you dear friends for a wonderful  visit and making us feel a part of your lovely family.

By the way, the 1,000 piece puzzle of an eagle in the shape of an eagle we gave Chuck for his birthday is almost finished.
I couldn't believe it. Should have taken a picture of it.  Great job, Chuck.

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