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Friday, January 29, 2016

Planes,Hummingbirds,Repairs and Campground Gathering of Friends

25 January 2016

This week has been one of movie, dinner with friends, repairs on iHome and campground friends get together for potluck. I also got hummingbird feeder hung and took some photos of  planes overhead, although not so good. We are not in the best spot for this, but we do like our site otherwise.

On Monday we joined our friends Chuck and Rose Mary at Aliante  to see "13 Hours" and afterwards for dinner at "TGFriday's". With the Aliante card you get half off for movie which cost $8 for both of us. With your ticket stub, you get 1 free dinner at Friday's. Such a deal!!

The  movie although very intense and 2 1/2 hrs long, we highly recommend. Gives a more complete story of what really happened in Benghazi. Still many unanswered questions of which we will never know.

John finally repaired the toilet base and what a difference. It is a job John hopes he never has to repeat. Thank goodness he has the stomach for this type of job as I find it very nauseating. He is adept at cleaning  the drains..another job I don't have the stomach to do. Frankly,he is very good at fixing things, which  has saved  us a lot of repair bills. He gets paid in  other ways. Before we depart, he has one last task to  do..replacing the skylight cover on the roof which has a crack.

Have had several hummingbirds at the feeder and one small bird keeping an eye on it. Had to borrow some sugar for the water since I never buy this.

Have been trying to get pictures of the Thunderbirds, but only able to bet a single shot. Also,got some photos of the F-22's, Awac, and B-1. Not as close as I would like. Have posted some Thunderbird pics from 2014. We were in a good site then for better pictures..more open.



Red Flag Training 






Friday we had a campground gathering at Pat and Darwin's of our old  and new friends. About 20 of us. I made a pasta salad with vegetables, Dusty barbequed the ribs and other campers brought an assortment of fruit salas, baked beans, dessert etc. Due  to weather, this  is  first gathering of 2016. Pat and Darwin you are great hosts and thank you. To all ,the food was delicious.

Feed Table

A Great Group

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