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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Full Moon and High Tides

25 November 2015

Prior to last night's storm, we had a good beach day and watched the Amphibious vehicles on the beach. Spent some time sitting under the Palapa and just taking in the serenity of the ocean.

Amphibious Vehicles

On the Beach

Interesting Sign
Glad we Walked Yesterday

Campground Before Storm

During the night, a big storm came in along with the full moon and  upon waking this morning could not believe water had come up past the Palapas, normally a 30 ft walk to the beach. Tides were at least 8ft adding to the berm created last week. There was also some pinkish foamy stuff that someone said was algae.
No Sitting Under Palapas Today

Under Water

Was a Walking Beach Yesterday

Foamy Stuff

We were Sitting Here Yesterday

Next to Water

He Looks Lost

Big Waves

Gull in Motion Above Jetty

As I write this, looking at the waves showing their strength, I realize how powerful the ocean is.

Daughter Hope sent us a picture of snow in their yard. Think Oregon is going to have a brutal winter this season. Guess El Nino is showing us his power.

Photo From Hope

Think I will take another walk on the beach to see if the water has receded.

Very Low Tide

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