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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Arriving Seal Beach NWS Campground

22 October 2015

We departed Travis AFB Campground on the 19th spending 1 night in Bakersfield at River Run RV Park where we stayed last year enroute to Seal Beach. It is a nice campground within walking distance to Costco and restaurants.

Our last night at Travis brought a pretty rainbow.

Our drive down IH 5 south through the San Joaquin Valley, now known as the dust bowl due to water restrictions. Such a shame to see what was once a very fertile valley slowing dying. Stopping for gas at Lebec which is where the major mudslide occurred last week and continued beyond the Tejon Pass. CA 58 south of Bakersfield is still closed. The drive from Lebec to Santa Clarita is very scenic, passing through canyons and Pyramid Lake. The mudslide has been cleared on IH 5 and traffic back to normal.

Pyramid Lake IH 5

One of Many Canyons on Drive

Rather than go through LA, we opted to cut off on 405 south to Seal Beach..traffic was at a standstill for over 30 miles. Not sure if this is the norm or due to accident.

As in times past, litter is still a major problem on the roads and highways. Think this is the most littered state we have traveled in all the lower 48. Maybe Jerry Brown should take a drive down IH 5 from his mansion in Sacramento to see for himself instead of preaching about sanctuary cities and global warming. There was one section where there seem to be a lot of accidents and the debris is left by the side of the road.

This is our 4th stay at Seal Beach NWS Seabreeze Campground. The park is full and our site #41 is by the marsh.The base is a protective area for wildlife. So far have not seen any herons, coyotes and the owl..only Ibis and ground squirrels.

When we arrived at our site, on the picnic table was a heart shaped rock that someone had left.
This was too surrealistic since I collect these on my walks for Hope. There is definitely a message here.

Heart Rock for Hope

Seabreeze FamCamp Seal Beach NWS Site #41

Below are pictures from last years spottings.


Owl Hiding in Tree

Pelican in Flight

Heron in Tree

Cute Ground Squirrels

We will be here until the 2nd when we go down to Camp Pendleton on Del Mar Beach..our 3rd stay.

Our stay here will be relaxing and doing those odd chores.

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