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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Last Days with Redmond Family

02 August-13 August-2015

After a busy week at the Deschutes County Fair, the past few weeks have been relaxing doing activities with Colt and Cade and helping Hope with daily household chores. We take turns in preparing dinner. Grandsons like to go to the swim club with friends and afterwards we stop at Seven-11 for Slurpees and snacks..things Nana does to spoil them. Give the horses their daily carrots and petting. Shawn and Hope gave them a bath and Hope braided their tails. After their bath, they thought it would be fun to lay in the dirt.

We met our friends Ernie and Alinda for dinner on the 7th at the Pump House in Terrebonne for dinner. We always enjoy our time with them and shoring stories. They invited us for dinner at their home on 12th. It was most delicious and after several glasses of Reisling and more stories, we had dinner on the patio. Their home is beautiful as is the yard. So many pretty flowers and plants.  Got a lot of dog petting in with their two precious dogs..even got some kisses. Alinda served a salmon topped with parmesan, parsley and pepper. A pasta salad unlike any we have eaten made with baby heirloom tomatoes,zucchini,red pepper,fresh corn kernels,green onions,shredded smoked chicken,fresh basil and cilantro topped with sliced fresh peaches. I am anxious to try the recipes. She also served fresh red and yellow tomatoes from their garden and for dessert apple pie ala mode. Time flew and we departed at 900PM. I forgot my camera so am posting a photo from 2013.

Ernie and Alinda-2013

Shawn saddled up the horses for a ride. Cade rode Jado and I rode Katy. Hate to admit that Shawn had to boost me up and lead me around, but it was fun.

Cade on Jado

Cade and Nana with Shawn 

Colt and Shawn

Earlier in the week Cade wanted me to go on a bike ride. Well, that did not turn out so great as it was an old bike and I could not coordinate the pedals and with my bad knee couldn't get my balance. After all I had not been on a bike since I was 16. Guess I won't be nagging John anymore to get me one. Maybe a newer bike would work.

On Sunday while I was at the grocery, John cut his right hand on the bathroom door on the lip that extends from the key lock.When I got home he was bleeding pretty bad so off we went to the ER. 6 stitches later and a tetanus shot we came home. Xray showed no broken bones or tendon damage so he can still drive.

Last year when we were here, we had a compressor installed in the Malibu. When we were in Texas the A/C was not cooling so we took it to Pep Boys for service. Worked for a month, then quit again so when we got to Redmond took it back and after 3 visits got it back today. First they thought it was a loose valve, then today they replaced the hose. Seems to me on first visit they should have checked all this. We shall see if we now have A/C.

John removed the Hard Drive from an ancient Dell Computer and Cade wanted to beat it to its demise..not as easy as it looks. On the way to get a photo, noticed Checkers relaxing by the flower pot.

Destroying the Dell

Checkers Relaxing

Tomorrow we leave for Salem for 5 nights at Hee Hee Ilahee RV park. On the way we will stop at Ford in Aumsville for oil change on the iHome.

We won't see Hope,Shawn and grandsons until September 2016. It sure has been a nice visit.Cade helped Papa wash the motorhome today and he was a very eager worked. For his reward took him to Walgreens for several bags of candy. He also washed Hope's car and vacuumed it.

Washing the Motorhome

This is Fun

 Hope and grandsons leave for California tomorrow for a week. They have tickets to a Giant's game and want to tour San Francisco and Muir woods.

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