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Monday, August 24, 2015

Fort Markers,Mt Erie and Eagles

23 August 2015

The day started with a drive to Clinton on the southside of Whidbey to take the ferry to Mukilteo and a drive to Seattle for the purpose of getting photos of markers for Forts Decatur and Dent. When we got to the location for the Fort Decatur Marker, even John who will go to great lengths for a photo, would not get out of the car. The marker is located in a park on 3rd Ave and Jefferson Sts. The park is now riddled with over 100 homeless and drug addicts giving an appearance of unsafe conditions..not worth taking a chance for a photo. The park is located near city hall and other government buildings, but seems no one cares. A sad situation.

The Fort Dent marker is located in a much better area between IH 5 and I 405. There was a huge youth soccer tournament in the fields, but we were able to get a photo of the marker. The traffic on IH 5 northbound was bumper to bumper so we decided to take the 405 bypass..good decision.

On the way back we decided to have dinner at Bob's Chowder House in Anacortes. We wanted the fried clams, but alas they were out.
So we had clam chowder. John had fried oysters and I a salmon sandwich. We dined here last year and will probably go again before we leave for the clam strips.

After dinner we drove up to Mt Erie which is the location of an old AF Gap Filler Radar Station that is now a communications center.

There are beautiful views of the Islands, Lake Campbell and Anacortes from the top. We want to return when there is less smoke in the air and maybe mid morning. On one of the paths toward a viewpoint there is a memorial stone to Jonathan Leland Glass who fell to his death on 26 August 1997 at the age of 13. Brought tears to my eyes. On another path is a sculpture of an eagle who guards the mountain. The park features many hiking trails. If in the area, be sure and take the 1.8 mile drive to the top.

Mt Erie Viewpoint


View of Anacortes

Islands View

Squat,Hope & Goat Ialands

Lake Campbell

Memorial to Jonathan

Guarding Mt Erie

In the evening, a beautiful sunset at campground.

24 August 2015

On our walk this morning spotted a bald eagle so just had to get some photos. They are such magnificent birds. Also got a photo of a cute rabbit..hope the rabbit is not the eagle's lunch.

Flowers abound in the campground thanks to Ken,full time host.

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  1. Beautiful scenery! The memorial to Jonathon is heart wrenching. We camped at the Grand Canyon when our three boys were young. I was a nervous wreck. Could not enjoy the scenery. Drove the boys and Al crazy!