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Monday, July 13, 2015

Touring Yellowstone Day 2

11 July 2015

Today we drove the loop from Madison back to West Gate taking us to Firehold Canyon Drive,Midway Geyser, Old Faithful,West Thumb, Lake Village,Canyon Village and pass Norris Geyser. As with every day,clouds and rain came in the afternoon so we will go back to Lake Village, Norris Geyser and Canyon area. We are so glad we decided to stay two weeks. The Golden Passport for seniors is the best deal going for a price of $10. Unlimited access to all the National Parks and Monuments for all in the vehicle.

Map of Drive Today

Our first stop was the Firehold drive taking you pass the Lower Geyser Basin with stops at Great Fountain Geyser and White Dome Geyser.

Great Fountain Geyser

John by Great Fountain Geyser

White Dome Geyser

White Dome Geyser

Next we did the walkway around Midway Geyser Basin passing Excelsior Geyser, Grand Prismatic Spring and Turquoise Pool.

Excelsior Geyser

Excelsior Geyser

Excelsior Geyser

Grand Prismatic Sign
Grand Prismatic Geyser

Grand Prismatic Geyser

Grand Prismatic Geyser

In Front of Turquoise Pool

Turquoise  Pool

Arriving at Old Faithful we toured the Visitor Center,watched a 15 minute movie and found our way to view the Geyser scheduled to erupt at 1210PM..good timing for us. It is supposed to erupt every 90 minutes and schedules are posted in the Visitor Center.

Visitor Center

Old Faithful Inn

Old Faithful

Old Faithful

Continuing on,a brief stop at Kepler Cascades we stopped for view of Hayden Valley which is home to many bison,grizzlies,coyotes,wolves,moose and osprey. Guess they were in residence somewhere else today as we only saw a few bison.Hayden Valley is a large, sub-alpine valley straddling the Yellowstone River between Yellowstone Falls and Yellowstone Lake.

Kepler Cascades


Hayden Valley

Hayden Valley

Having Some Lunch

Our final stop of the day was Canyon Village location of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and the Lower and Upper Falls. The canyon is 1200 ft deep and houses the 109 ft Upper Falls and 308 ft Lower Falls. From Canyon Village you take the North and South Rim drives for awesome views of the falls,Artist Point, Inspiration Point and with other stops at Lookout Point and Grand View. On the North Rim drive you can also view the brink of each falls.On the South Rim from the Upper Falls parking area, you can take a hike to Uncle Tom's point, a series of 300 steps leading you down 500ft into the canyon. John and I did this on our first trip in 1998.   We will return another day for more photos as the clouds were moving in and it started to rain.

Map of Canyon and Falls Drive

Signage of the Canyon

View of Canyon

Canyon of Yellowstone

Upper Falls

Lower Falls

Another Canyon View

Brink of Upper Falls

Arriving back in West Yellowstone, we decided to have a pizza dinner at Pete's on Canyon St. A very popular pizza restaurant and must say very delicious.

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