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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Back in Oregon

25 July 2015

After spending 2 nights at Fairchild AFB, we drove the 8 hrs to Redmond OR and 3 week visit with Hope,Shawn,Colt & Cade.

We came in early as we wanted to attend the Deschutes Fair as Colt has swine entry again this year. Last year he and Crusher got best of market. We also wanted our annual checkups as we will be gone for another year.

Flyer Introducing Ginger


Walking Ginger & Stitch with Cade & Hope

Working with Ginger

Enroute we made our usual stop in Pasco at the Country Mercantile for lunch and to get homemade enchiladas for dinner and other good things. This is a must stop if in the Pasco area. 

Since our last visit another horse has been added, more heifers and steers and two of the hens are sitting on eggs. Casey as usual made a quick run to greet us looking for treats. She has a new name now..John left his sandwich on the table, stepped outside and when he returned all that was left was the tomato and cucumber..she is very selective..so we call her sandwich bandit now. She sure enjoyed the bread,ham and cheese.


Some of the Little Ones

Sandich Thief

Had to have a talk with Katy and Rocky about their attitude toward Jado,the new horse that is 27 yrs. They need to start treating her better and not be so agressive and snobbish toward her. Will see if they listened as I observe while we are here. 

Katy & Rocky

Colt's pig entry is Ginger and the other pig, Stitch will be on the table later in the year. She was supposed to be his show pig, but developed a hip  problem.

Colt will be showing Ginger on Wednesday for best of market category.

Grandsons have grown and we took the annual picture in front of the motorhome. Amazing how a year changes them.



Anyway it is good to be back and to have such a nice RV pad in driveway with a view of the Sisters and Mt Jefferson. To pet the animals and to visit.

Rv Pad at Hope & Shawn's

Three Sisters

Mt Jefferson

We leave here on the 14th for 5 nights in Salem to visit friends and to attend Don and Carolyn's 50th Anniversary at Brooks Winery.

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  1. Love the pictures of the boys "growth chart"! Admire the pig raising. Just don't know how those kids do it, raising them for so long then knowing what the end will be. We are in cool Creede, Colorado. Wonderful RV resort in a valley with mountains all around. Quite a relief from our 117 degree heat index days back home. Will be here for 6 months. Lots of silver mines to explore.