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Friday, June 26, 2015

New Cadets Class of 2019 Swearing In Ceremony

26 June 2015

Before departing today, we drove over to the Chapel to view the swearing in ceremony for the Cadet Class of 2019.

Due to the huge crowd of family and friends, we had to park a mile away,but no complaints. Know how proud the parents and family are of cadets entering the Academy. There were 9,122 applicants and 1250 accepted. This is one of the largest classes in recent years. Females make up 30%. The basic training runs until 1 August. One of my long time friends, Paula, had two sons graduate from the Academy.

The application and admission process is very strict involving application steps,eligibility, nominations, academic performance,character assessment, extracurricular activities, fitness assessment and medical evaluation.

John and I remarked that maybe we could plan to attend the 2019 graduation.

So below are some of the better photos.

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