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One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Arrival Wichita and Dinner with Friends, Connie and Ken

7 June 2015

Our drive from Denton to Wichita up IH35 came to a very close call with disaster, but thanks to John's quick thinking, a major accident was averted in Oklahoma. We were in the right lane when a truck hauling a boat pulled out from the shoulder causing us to go into the left lane. Fortunately there was no one behind us. It was scary and gave cause to think about how close we came to a major accident. Thank you dear for once again bringing us safely to our next destination.

Our intent was to stay at McConnell AFB FamCamp, but they were full so instead we are at an RV Park called USI just off 96 and Hillside on 33rd ST. It is a very nice park with a friendly staff and quiet. Gravel sits with full hookups, laundry and playground. Cost is $108 with Good Sam Discount for 3 nights. Would definitely recommend if in the area.

USI RV Park Site C-11 Wichita

After getting settled we went over to Ken and Connie's for Ken's famous spaghetti dinner. They have a lovely home about 20 minutes from the RV Park. We met them in Sept of 2010 at Wright Patterson AFB and have kept in touch over the years. In fact, we reconnected this year again at Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson.

With Good Friends Ken and Connie

Tomorrow night we are going to the Balcony Theatre to see "Spy". The theatre is very upscale with reclining seats providing food and drink service to your seat. It is part of the Warren Theatre Chain.

Connie and Ken are true stained glass artisans. It has been a hobby for years and items they make are for family, friends and themselves. Many of their designs are displayed in the home. I am so glad we got to see some of their beautiful stained glass objects.

Very Beautiful Lamp..Note design on top

Relaxing Cat

Beautiful Lamp

Hannah in the Frame

Connecting Hearts


Butterflies and Fans

Beautiful Chandelier

Hannah, the cat finally made up to me. She has traveled many miles with them.

Posing Hannah

Thank you dear friends for making this a delightful visit..until next time..safe journeys and best of travel.

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  1. Glad everything was ok on the highway! Yesterday we had a car in the left hand lane come right over into our lane, right beside us. We were in the car and not the motor home. Lots of honking, dirty words and looks ensued. The lady was on her phone!
    You were somewhat close to us when you drove through Oklahoma. Glad you are having a good visit with your friends. Al graduated from Wichita East high school many years ago.