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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Academy Photos and Visit to U.S. Olympic Training Center

15 June 2015

This morning we took a drive around the Academy. Finally got my deer and wild turkey photos, but still looking for a bear.

Wild Turkey

Posing Deer

Heading Down the Road

Morning seems the best time to get pictures of the campus stopping at several loop overlooks on Academy Drive. During this time of year the sports camp is in full operation open for kids from 8-18 offering hands on training in many sports. Registration starts in January and the camp runs for at least a week with housing and meals provided at reasonable prices. Feel this would be a great learning experience for youth.

Chapel and Vandenberg Hall

Athletic Fields

View of Chapel and Athletic Fields
Falcon Stadium

Mountain View

We saw the glider training on our way out the gate. Tried to get some good photos. The TG-16A glider is tethered to a T-41 Mescalero. This is part of the flight training for cadets. The Soaring Program allows cadets to receive their first hands-on experience in a flying environment. They fly over 30,000 sorties a year. Also saw a parachutist.

Glider Training 

TG-16A Glider


We then drove to the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Center Training facility for the tour of the facility. USA Swimming and Shooting have their national headquarters on the campus. The campus is located on the former site of ENT AFB. There are also support facilities for fencing,weighlifting, wrestling and gymnastics. Housing can accommodate more than 500 athletes and coaches. They do tours June through August on Monday-Friday.

Entrance Sign



Countdown Clock till Summer and Winter Games

Shooting Center

Pool Center

Basketball Courts

Gymnastics Area

Weight Area

Wishful Thinking

Another View of Visitor Center

Some interesting statistics:
130,000 annual visitors
300,000 annual meals served
156,000 annual guests

I must admit that I did not known there was a category in the Olympics for Shooting.

I do greatly admire all the athletes for their perseverance and dedication to training and their superb ability. Great job athletes.

The next summer games will be in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and the winter games will be in Pyeongchang in 2018.


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