Our blog is to keep family and friends informed of our motorhome journeys.
We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Last Days in Austin

30 May 2015

Today we drove to downtown Austin to see all the new buildings..what a change since our last visit several days ago and when we lived here in the 80's. So many highrises and much more congestion. This area is booming with many new housing areas. John and I spent many an early evening walking around Townlake..a great place to walk and bike ride. No wonder we were in such good shape then. I weighed 120 and John 170..those days are no more.

Austin Skyline

Congress Ave Looking Toward Capitol

We stopped at one of our favorite downtown eateries, Threadgill's for lunch which features liver and onions and good old home cooking. I had a catfish sandwich and John opted for the brisket sandwich with mac and cheese.

Austin is probably the most scenic area in Texas with rolling hills, Lake Travis, Colorado River,beautiful old Live Oak trees, art museums, C&W entertainment and much more. Always said, if you have to live in Texas, Austin is the place.

We stopped at Camp Mabry to visit the Texas Forces Military Museum which explores the military history of Texas dating back to 1823 and displays of military equipment. A very interesting stop if interested in military history.

31 may 2015

This is our last day before departing for Denton and we had a very nice family get together at The Oasis on Lake Travis.Several months ago the lake was almost dry..what a difference the month of rain has made. Kendyl was not able to attend due to a previous commitment. Of course Hope and her family are in Oregon and Liz and grandsons are up in Dallas area. We had some good laughs and visit. Til next year..


Oasis Restaurant

Lake Travis

 There are some beautiful homes on the lake.


Darin & Kerry

Cameron, Jack,Dave & Christine

Eric, Parker & Cindy

Proud Parents and Grandparents

11 of Us

Christine,Jack,Cameron & Dave

Darin & Kerry

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Arrival Austin

26 May 2015

A short drive today to La Hacienda RV Park in Lake Travis near Austin. Weather cooperated with no rain and sunny skies when we arrived. On the way we stopped at "Buc-ee's" in New Braunfels for gas. If you have never visited Buc-ee's in Texas, do so. It is an experience with the one in New Braunfels, the newest and largest. The travel centers are huge with the one in New Braunfels having 68,000 sq ft in the store,120 fuel pumps,83 toilets (the cleanest you will find). The store features many types of foods, clothing, spices, condiments,bakery and food. Got us the best ever brisket egg tortilla. Check them out on google.

Hacienda RV park is located on Hudson Bend Road just off Hwy 620 and near Lake Travis. Spaces are long and wide. We are paying $280 for 6 nights with our Good Sam discount..more than we usually pay, but it is convenient for visits with Christine and family.
Besides the other parks we have stayed in the area do not meet our standards. Below are some photos.


Site C-60


Laundry and Bathhouse

Pool Area


They also feature cabins for rent.

We will be here until the 1st before going to Denton for grandson Ryan's HS graduation.

The weather is sunny and hot..a welcome relief from all the rain.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Last Week in San Antonio

21-25 May 2015

21 May 2015

Our last week in San Antonio in spite of the continuous rain was spent with family and friends. On Thursday we met Pia for lunch at Huisache in New Braunfels. I had my usual..salmon sandwich with beer cheese soup and John the Portobella sandwich. We then to visit Larry who is doing very well. We have noticed an improvement since our first visit. There is a new treatment for all types of brain tumors called Gammaknife. Suggest you google to learn more about this. It can be done as an outpatient and is non surgical. Wish it had been around when I had my meningioma tumor in 2006. As I understand it, the tumor caused the leg numbness and the lung cancer. They will now do a genetic marker to determine the type of pill for the chemo that targets the cancer instead of the IV route. Anyway we wish him all the best and will keep in touch with Pia on his progress.

Thursday evening we went over to Eric and Cindy's for fajita dinner..um delish. We will get together again before we leave for spaghetti dinner. Kendyl signed one of her favorite songs for us. She performed it in class as an assignment. She will continue to take sign language through HS.

22 May 2015

Friday evening we had Darin and Kerry over for dinner.Had planned to eat outside,but rain forced us inside. I served crab cakes, mixed vegetables, salad,wine and fruit salad for dessert. Enjoy their company and will see them in Austin when we get together with Christine and family at Oasis for lunch on the 31st.

We managed between the rain to visit Randolph AFB where John retired after 22 years in 1979 and Lackland AFB where he took his basic training in 1957. They are now  part of the Joint Bases San Antonio. We previewed the campground at Lackland and decided that Fort Sam is nicer and more convenient for visits with friends and family.

We still haven't resolved the issue with the closet door and after 2 phone calls to Fleetwood parts have decided that only solution is to find a cabinet maker to make us two doors so they will match.

We lost a hubcap somewhere in San Antonio due to the many potholes,so went to Pep Boys for another set. When John tried to put them on, a piece of plastic broke off, so a return trip and they replaced.

23 May 2015

Around 830PM received a tornado warning on our phones and saw the military police going through the campground warning everyone to take shelter in the bathhouse. A first experience for us and thankful that the warning was soon over. For the next few hours had terrible thunderstorms, lighting and flooding in some low areas. They have the largest fishing worms I have ever seen..even the birds leave them alone.

Texas Worm

24 May 2015
Today John managed to fix the closet door with Elmer's glue, screws and perseverance. What a relief.

In the afternoon we gathered at Eric and Cindy's for spaghetti dinner. Our last get together before we leave on Tuesday for Austin and the La Hacienda RV Resort on Lake Travis.

Relaxing Before Dinner

Enjoying Spaghetti Dinner
Kerry,Darin,Parker,Cindy,Kendyl,John & Eric

It has been a good visit in spite of weather. Very relaxed and spending time with family is always a blessing.

We plan to return next year in March.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Visit to Fort Sam Quad and Other Things

17 May 2015

Whenever we come to Fort Sam Houston, we visit the Quadrangle in order to view the deer and peacocks that remain in residence.

Strutting His Stuff

I'm Watching You

White Peacock

Having Dinner

Looking Around


In Between

The Quadrangle is the oldest structure at Fort Sam and was originally a supply depot. It also housed Apache Chief Geronimo. As the legend goes, the deer in the Quadrangle were there because Geronimo refused to eat food he did not hunt. However, they predate Geronimo and it is unknown why they were introduced to the Quadrangle, but have remained ever since. Construction of the fort began in the 1870's and is one of the oldest installations in the Army with more than 900 buildings in its historic district.

The Clock Tower in the Quadrangle was built in 1876.
Signage About Clock Tower

Plaque of History

Clock Tower

Today the base is referred to as Joint Base San Antonio encompassing Lackland AFB and Randolph AFB.

We then drove over to the stables that house the Caisson Horses. Fort Sam Houston is the only full time caisson section in the country other than Ft Myer at Arlington. On one of our trips, we were given a tour of the Ft Myer Caisson Horse area.

Fort Sam Caisson Horses

Ft Myer Caisson Horse-2013

For dinner we met Eric and Granddaughters at In and Out, their first visit. This is our favorite fast food for service, price and food. Very simple menu of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, sodas and malts and fries..made fresh..not frozen.

Hope sent photos of Colt and Cade showing their pigs at the Oregon Junior Livestock Show in Albany.

18 May 2015

The Thunderstorms continue and according to weather will be with us at least until we leave. Flood warnings in effect for many parts of Texas. Wish the rain would find its way to California.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Afternoon with Charlie and Sandy

14 May 2015

Today we drove up to Ingram to visit good friends Charlie and Sandy. John served with Charlie in the Air Force and fortunately have remained friends over the years. They have a ranch on 28 acres where Charlie grew up. At present his goat herd is down to 9.

Selfie with Charlie and Sandy

They Look so Young

Feeding the Goats

They Ignored Me

The original ranch house has been remodeled over the past years and is just beautiful. Congrats you tow on almost 58 years of marriage. You both look great.

Beautiful Home

Pond by Property

After lunch we were given a backroads tour of the towns of Ingram and Hunt. There are many massive homes..something you wouldn't expect in such a small town. Also passed a herd of Axis deer. Unfortunately did not have my camera. They are beautiful, unlike any deer I have seen. They are also known as Chital which originally inhabited wooded regions of India and that area. They are large, spotted with three tines on each antler. In the 1860's they were introduced to the island of Molokai as a gift from Hong Kong to King Kamehamela V. They are very plentiful on Lanai. They were introduced to Texas in the 1930's and the Texas Hill Country boasts over 30,000 and of course hunted. So sorry I did not get a photo. There are some great pictures on line.

Thank you for lunch at Hunt Cafe and tour. We will see you next March on our trip East.

On our way back we met Darin and Kerry for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I ate light as we had had a late lunch. John not so lite..he had catfish dinner.

The weather today was without rain, but not to last. More thunderstorms on the way. Kerry was in Houston on business and as he got in his car at a local mall in the evening was deluged with water from the storms. His car was a total loss. There were many lost due to the surge of water. According to the weather map, this will be with us til end of month.