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Friday, April 17, 2015

Visit to Acoma Pueblo Sky City NM

17 April 2015

In spite of windy,cloudy,cool weather we drove to Acoma Pueblo Sky City off IH40 west exit 102. Admission price for seniors including camera permit and tour is $20. The Sky City Cultural Center includes cafe,gift shop and museum. Our guide Robert was very informative and lives parttime in the pueblo.There are vendors offering items of Acoma art and pottery as well as food offerings. We bought a "fry bread" topped with sugar that was delicious.

Sign at Scenic Stop

Cultural Center

All for the Children

All for the Children, Cultural Center in Background

Veterans Memorial

 There are no modern conveniences in the pueblo. Cooking is done on a wood stove. No indoor plumbing..only outhouses. No electricity;however some have gasoline generators. This is a chosen lifestyle of the Acoma. Their history dates back to 1100AD.

The homes are owned by the women and there are over 300 structures. Many Acoma do not live atop the mesa year round, some return for ceremonial occasions. The Acoma have an inherent responsibility to respect and live in harmony in this special place which has an historical distinction as the oldest continuously-inhabited community in North America.

Pueblo atop Mesa
Below are photos of the Pueblo

Our first stop was the San Esteban del Rey Mission which began in 1629 and completed in 1640. It has been named a Historic Site by the national Trust for Historic Preservation. The Church is only used twice a year..Christmas and Feast Day on 2 September. No photos allowed inside or of the cemetery.

The Haak'u Museum displays the art and lifeway  of the Acoma people.

Signage for Acoma Quilt

A Very Beautiful Quilt

This is definitely a tour one should take. It brings you close to the culture and spiritual beliefs of the Acoma. The views from the mesa are unbelievable.

Enchanted Mesa


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