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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Roswell UFO Museum and Fort Stanton

3 April 2015

A two hour drive via Hwy 70 brought us to Roswell and the UFO Museum. Each year there are around 150,000 visitors with each state and 34 countries represented in attendance. The Exhibit Hall features articles and exhibits on the Roswell Incident including newspaper articles, witness accounts, the cover-up and ongoing research. You are left to make up your mind about the incident that occurred in 1947. There is also a research library and gift shop.

We then drove to Fort Stanton named in honor of Captain Henry W Stanton (no relation) killed in battle with Mescalero Apaches in 1855.Since our previous visit in 2010 a very nice museum has been added. The museum was originally built in 1855 and used as an enlisted barracks and later as administration office during hospital days.


Fort Stanton

Museum & Visitor Center 1855

State troops from California and New Mexico occupied the fort under the command of Kit Carson. It was occupied until the end of the 1800's sending soldiers on campaigns against the Indians and unruly settlers. It was home to the Buffalo Soldiers. John J "Black Jack" Pershing was stationed here in the 1880's. In 1899 President William McKinley transferred the fort to the Public Health Service to be used as a treatment hospital for Tuberculosis. The dry air in the area proved beneficial for treatment. It operated for 54 years.During WW II the fort served as an interment camp for Germans who scuttled their ship to avoid capture by the British Navy. They were captured by the US Navy and sent to Fort Stanton until 1945 when they were returned to Germany.

Chapel 1943


Officer's Quarters 1883

Commanding Officer's Quarters 1877

Officer's Quarter's 1883

Adjutant's Building 1877

Guard House Built in 1879

Community House Used For Hospital Staff

Petting the Stable Horses

After the fort was used as a TB Hospital, it was used as a hospital for the developmentally disabled and later as a woman's prison.Finally in  2007 it was designated as a state historic site.

Hospital 1936

Our return drive took us through the ski town of Ruidosa. Scenic with lot of nice homes, shops and restaurants.

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