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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fort Concho,Historic Downtown and Presidio San Saba

27 April 2015

Today we toured Fort Concho, Historic downtown San Angelo and Presidio San Saba in Menard. We last visited Fort Concho in Nov of 2011. The city has done a good job of preserving the fort. The Fort was established in 1867 in order to protect frontier settlements and map the vast West Texas region. The fort is constructed of native limestone and covered 1600 acres with some 40 buildings. It was home to the 4th and 10th Cavalry including 4 regiments of the Buffalo Soldiers. The fort supported 350-400 military personnel. In June 1889 the last of the soldiers left and the fort was deactivated. Today, Fort Concho encompasses most of the original fort and includes 23 original and restored structures. Most of the buildings are open for viewing. Of the original 10 Officer's Quarters, 9 remain. There were 6 enlisted barracks which are now museums, visitor center and storage. Remaining buildings include Hospital,Quartermaster,Commissary, NCO Staff Quarters, Stables,Guardhouse and Powder Magazine.This is definitely worth a visit.

Visitor Center 

Enlisted Barracks

Enlisted Quarters

Resident Mule


Officer's Row


Entrance to Danner Museum

Museum of Telephony

We walked around the Historic District located on Concho St just across the Oakes Bridge from the fort. We stopped in Eggemeyer's General Store built in the late 1880's and was originally a buggy factory. You will be overwhelmed by all the merchandise. There are shops and only one restaurant that we could see as well as murals. The town of San Angelo was founded in 1870 across the Concho River from the fort.

Miss Hattie's Bordello Museum

One of Shops

Eggemeyer's General Store

We then decided to drive to Menard which is around 70 miles SE to visit the ruins of Presidio San Saba also known as the Fort of San Saba established in 1757. A train of horses, livestock and pack animals traveled from San Antonio along with soldiers,prospectors, priests and civilians looking for silver and gold. The priests wanted to convert the Lipan Apaches. Mining efforts failed and the Lipan never settled. On March 16 1758 2,000 natives attacked the mission which was located 4 miles downriver killing two priests. The survivors escaped to the Presidio. In 1768 the presidio was abandoned and today only ruins remain. The ruins are located on Hwy 190 2 miles west of Menard.

Entrance to Presidio

Presidio San Saba Ruins


Another View

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