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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pima Air & Space Museum

17 March 2015

Next to Davis-Monthan AFB is the Pima Air and Space Museum and Boneyard. The museum is a private non profit and does not receive any money from the Government.The Boneyard is located on the base and is toured by bus from the museum. The museum features an outdoor viewing area of 80 acres featuring over 300 aircraft accessible by tram or walking. Several Hangars feature different displays of vintage military aircraft. The Space Gallery takes you through the history of the  space program. The 390th Memorial Museum features a B-17G Flying Fortress. www.pimaair.org

B-17G Flying Fortress

Another View

Davis-Monthan's storage of military aircraft began after WW II and is ongoing today. It is the largest boneyard in the world. The technical name is AMARG (AEROSPACE MAINTENANCE AND REGENERATION GROUP). Inventory consists of over 4400 aircraft. Not all of the aircraft is scrapped. For more info check out airplaneboneyards.com

Below are some of the photos from our tour of museum. Did not take any of the boneyard as we did not make stops and window reflection would have distorted the photos.



Super Guppy

Sikorsky CH-54

 When John was stationed on the Texas Towers in the Atlantic off Cape Cod, he would be transported via one of these helicopters.
Piasecki H-21C

Sikorsky MH-53M

Attack Helicopter

English Sepecat

Model of Phoenix Mars Lander
Upside Down 

Altair Computer..John built one..his first computer

TBM Avenger


PBM 5A Mariner



XJL-1 Columbia

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