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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Biosphere 2-Oracle AZ

24 March 2015

Today with Rocky and Loretta we visited Biosphere 2 NE of Tucson off Hwy 77. Biosphere 2 was created to better understand how natural environments generate conditions appropriate for life. B2's research facility is used to study ecosystems under controlled conditions. Water,air,soil,sun and life interact to transfer energy and exchange nutrients. The Upper Habitat housed the living quarters during the 1990's. The Lower Habitat where you meet the tours now has hands on exhibits and offices. The Rainforest under the glass shaped structure contains 90 different plant species. The two white domes, nicknamed lungs, are air controlled devices.We were also given an underground tour of the mechanics of the operation.

With John

Rocky and Loretta

B2 Complex

Another View

In Front of B2

Map of B2 Complex

Ocean Area

Pretty Plant

Another View of Ocean Area


Desert Area




South Lung

B2 has been under the management of the University of Arizona since 2011.

For those interested in this type of ecosystem facility, this is a good tour. As for me, did not find it that interesting.

After the tour, we had lunch in the cafe.


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