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Thursday, February 12, 2015

This and That

12 February 2015

The past few weeks we had another barbeque get together at Pat and Darwin's who are great hosts and have a knack for getting us together. On the 14th we are all meeting at Panevino's for Valentine dinner. Pat  has karma for attracting hummingbirds. I hung one out it only attracted ants on the tree.
Great Group

I'm in this one

Guys Talking


We also got together with Chuck and Rose Mary at John Mull's. Even thought they live in Las Vegas, this was their first experience eating here. We all managed to bring leftovers home for dinner. The eatery is known for mac and cheese, hot links, chicken and ribs. Very generous portions.

Red Flag will be over on the 13th, so the plane noise will be less. We don't mind and it is interesting to watch the planes fly over. Tried to get a few photos. Thunderbirds will be flying more and I hope to get more pictures.
Red Flag




John and I attended a nutrition class at the clinic which more or less debunks the "wheat belly" diet focusing more on portion size and balancing carbs with protein and calcium. I found some delicious apples called grapples that taste like grapes. Our goal is to lose at least 30 pounds. Having M&M and ice cream withdrawal, but slip up once in awhile. John and I have been walking a mile in the morning and a mile in afternoon.

Tomorrow the campground is having a breakfast brunch. I am taking a fruit salad. Seems all we have been doing is eating in and out. Next week we are going to Bagel Cafe with friends Max and Caron who are from Colorado. We met them here in 2013.

I finally organized and titled all my travel photos from 2009 until the present. Now to work on DVD's with music on our 2014 travels. Fortunately I had DVD's from 2009-2013 for reference.

Yesterday we drove up to Mt Charleston area and had lunch at "The Resort at Mt Charleston". There is also a lodge closer to the ski area, but we decided not to go up there. There is not a lot of snow and not sure ski season is open. Lunch was good.
Resort at Mt Charleston

Couldn't Resist

A Little Snow
Spring Mountains

We have also spent last week finalizing our continuing travel plans through 2015 continuing into 2016.
2015 Journey

2015 into 2016 Journey

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  1. Your new itinerary looks amazing. When you drive through Oklahoma on your way to Wichita, Ks, you will be 1 1/2 hours from our house!
    Still looking into meeting up in Globe. Looking for a kennel to put the dogs in for the day. We are in Mesa in one of the "big" 55+" parks. We thought we would hate it, but finding it rather nice. Yesterday I went to a book club gathering, Al went to the woodshop and talked to a man who was making a bowl, and then we went to the meatloaf dinner and then a show with a honky tonk piano player. He was entertaining, which we were also surprised to find we enjoyed! Got to ride my bike a lot around the streets. Just have to be careful of all the golf carts!