Our blog is to keep family and friends informed of our motorhome journeys.
We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Leaving Friends and Nellis

28 February 2015

Tomorrow we leave for Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson via Wickenberg and Globe AZ arriving there on the 5th for the rest of the month.They don't take reservations so hoping we can secure a space even if in overflow. We last visited here in 2009.

I'm out the door at 7 in the mornings trying to capture photos of the Thunderbirds. Could sit and watch them all day. Not sure if you remember the horrible crash in 1982 that killed four of the pilots. The investigation thought that it might have been a stabilizer problem and since other pilots follow the leader, they all crashed. The Thunderbirds since 1953 have been Ambassadors in Blue. Seeing the F-16's soaring high in the red, white and blue planes you are looking at the world's greatest Air Force. They have a speed of Mach-2+ (1500 +mph) and a rate of climb of 30,000 ft per minute.

Through the Wire

Diamond Between the Limbs
Above the Trees

Near the Flag

Thursday we had the iHome washed at a cost of $64 plus $15 for the roof. The young man did a wonderful job and well worth the cost. I gave him some M&M's and a gatorade and John gave him a generous tip. We also got propane delivered. We noticed that gas on base went up 50 cents and is now $2.68. Still a good deal compared to off base prices. We went to Walmart on Decator across from Costco for TP. We have found that Scott's for RV's is our preference and they are the only Walmart in the area to carry it. Must say this is one of the cleanest and well stocked Walmart's we have shopped.

Friday, Chuck and Rose Mary brought grandson Ian out to tour the Thunderbird Museum. Last year when they visited it was closed due to a ceremony. As we got there, the Thunderbirds were lined up ready to fly north for practice session. Ian thought John has called ahead. Sgt Craig gave us a very nice welcome and orientation in the hangar. Ian was awed. When we got into the museum he asked John if there were any grenades. Took us all by surprise.

Ready to Taxi

Taxiing Out
Diamond Over Field
Rose Mary, Chuck & Ian


Friday for dinner we went with campground group to Aliante Casino for Seafood buffet. Big thing at buffet is unlimited crab legs.After struggling with little return, decided one time was enough and went for the other seafood and dessert offerings.
Lorraine,Bill & John

Struggling with Crab legs next to Caron

Saturday morning we met Chuck and Rose Mary for breakfast at Mimi's. A good place to enjoy breakfast. We had a good visit.Thank you Rose Mary for the pretty earrings. They will get good wear. Til next year. We will have to take Don and Carolyn on their short visit to all the good eateries. In the parking lot was a Polaris Slingshot..unusual looking.

We will miss friends and campground, but know we will return next year. Thanks gang for a great visit at Nellis. See you next year.

Sweet Misty, will miss you very much. You are such a sweet,gentle dog. Will keep you supplied in biscuits next year. Come visit us when we are at Air Force Academy in June.
Saying Goodby

Sweet Misty

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Day

14 February 2015

After exchanging cards and  spending a very quiet day, we went to dinner with friends from the Campground. Joyce and Bob recommended a very nice restaurant "Panevino" which is across from the airport. We were joined by their son Kevin who is a pilot for AA,Pat & Darwin and Bill and Loraine. John and I decided on the salmon with crab cakes as an appetizer...a good choice. Bob gave the ladies a pink rose and a good time was had by all. Unfortunately I did not take a camera. We enjoy this group and look forward to next year.


Our Cards

On our travels I look for heart shaped rocks and included some of the photos..some require a stretch of the imagination. Several years ago when Hope and I were walking on a beach in Oregon, I found my first one and since collect them for her and granddaughters.

We have had some beautiful sunsets over the Campground as shown below. Our time is drawing near and our journey continues. It has been a relaxing time. Our friends, Don and Carolyn from Salem will be here in February 2016 in their timeshare for a few days and look forward to our visit and taking them to Don Mull's since Don is an expert on barbecue.

Tuesday we are going with Max and Caron to the Bagel Cafe. We met them in campground several years ago.

Earlier in the week we finally saw "American Sniper". Very intense and tears at the end. I beg anyone who has not seen the movie to do so.

Still awaiting my Oregon driver license renewal and passport renewal..hopefully before we leave.

Got some more photos of Red Flag planes.

Over the Flagpole
 Think these are F-22's

Cargo Plane

In closing,advice from an eagle:

"Let your spirit soar. See the big  picture, Cherish your freedom, Honor the earth and sky, Keep your goals in sight,Bald is beautiful, Fly high.

Life is Good.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

This and That

12 February 2015

The past few weeks we had another barbeque get together at Pat and Darwin's who are great hosts and have a knack for getting us together. On the 14th we are all meeting at Panevino's for Valentine dinner. Pat  has karma for attracting hummingbirds. I hung one out it only attracted ants on the tree.
Great Group

I'm in this one

Guys Talking


We also got together with Chuck and Rose Mary at John Mull's. Even thought they live in Las Vegas, this was their first experience eating here. We all managed to bring leftovers home for dinner. The eatery is known for mac and cheese, hot links, chicken and ribs. Very generous portions.

Red Flag will be over on the 13th, so the plane noise will be less. We don't mind and it is interesting to watch the planes fly over. Tried to get a few photos. Thunderbirds will be flying more and I hope to get more pictures.
Red Flag




John and I attended a nutrition class at the clinic which more or less debunks the "wheat belly" diet focusing more on portion size and balancing carbs with protein and calcium. I found some delicious apples called grapples that taste like grapes. Our goal is to lose at least 30 pounds. Having M&M and ice cream withdrawal, but slip up once in awhile. John and I have been walking a mile in the morning and a mile in afternoon.

Tomorrow the campground is having a breakfast brunch. I am taking a fruit salad. Seems all we have been doing is eating in and out. Next week we are going to Bagel Cafe with friends Max and Caron who are from Colorado. We met them here in 2013.

I finally organized and titled all my travel photos from 2009 until the present. Now to work on DVD's with music on our 2014 travels. Fortunately I had DVD's from 2009-2013 for reference.

Yesterday we drove up to Mt Charleston area and had lunch at "The Resort at Mt Charleston". There is also a lodge closer to the ski area, but we decided not to go up there. There is not a lot of snow and not sure ski season is open. Lunch was good.
Resort at Mt Charleston

Couldn't Resist

A Little Snow
Spring Mountains

We have also spent last week finalizing our continuing travel plans through 2015 continuing into 2016.
2015 Journey

2015 into 2016 Journey