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Friday, January 2, 2015

Rose Bowl Parade

1 January 2015

What a wonderful way to start the New Year by attending the Pasadena 126th Rose Parade and seeing grandson Jack performing with the Round Rock HS Dragons. Chris and Dave secured us good seats on the top row of area 414 with the Round Rock group. Thanks and so glad we were able to join you.

We were up at 3AM, out the door at 4AM and met Chris and Dave at their rental for the drive to parking lot. It was suggested to be in parking garage at 6AM..brr it was cold, but we bundled up. John and I took over 200 photos and I have chosen some for the blog..probably too many.

Inspiring Stories was the Theme this year. Louis Zamperini was asked to be the Grand Marshall, but sadly he passed away in July at age 97. His family was asked to represent him in the parade. His life was documented in a book by Laura Hillenbrand titled "Unbroken",a powerful story of resilience and overcoming impossible challenges..an Olympic athlete and WW II hero.

A flyover by a B-2 Stealth Bomber opened the parade followed by the Theme Float.

City of Alhambra float themed "Go for Broke" celebrating the Japanese soldiers who served with the Americans. Go for Broke was their battle cry reflecting their willingness to give all for America.

Queen Madison and her Court.

The Round Rock Dragons HS Band gave a spectacular performance. The band represents 12% pf the student population.

The theme of the Dole float was "Rhythm of Hawaii" celebrating those who preserve Hawaii's natural beauty, diverse culture heritage and its art.

Lutheran Laymen's League float was titled "The Bible..God's Story".

"A Sikh-American Journey" depicts the inspiring story of Sikh Americans and their contribution toward building a great America.

Singpoli.."A Bright Future" telling the story of the firebirdrising from the ashes to soar again.A story of hope,optimism and rebirth.

China Airline's float titled "Inspiring Grace of Cloud Gate" celebrating art and culture paying tribute to the dance company by same name.

The Bachelor float "Inspiring Love" encouraging to dream big and live your fairytale romance.

University  of Oregon Ducks float..yes, they won the Rose Bowl beating Florida State 59-20.

Underground Service Alert "Do it Right-Call 811

City of Hope theme "Made Possible by Hope" encouraging caregivers to work tirelessly to make triumphs over Cancer.

Lion's Club "Inspiring Challenges" with stories of providing recreational activities for the blind.

"A Million Stories of Hope and Healing" is the theme of the Shriner's float representing patient success stories.

"The Never Ending Story" showing life stories of hope,renewal and transformation of donated life.

"Inspiring Potential" presented by Northwestern Mutual NCAA highlights learning and work ethics of NCAA athletes.

Western Asset MGT chose "The Power of Imagination" as a tribute to a world of dreams that come true.

Zappos.com "Serving With a Smile".

"Bedtime Stories" was the theme of Trader Joe's.

Princess Cruises

"Jungle Rescue" was the City of Burbank entry.

Cal Poly chose the theme "Soaring Stories" where imagination becomes reality.

City of La Canada "To the Rescue" shows a huge shark caught in the wreckage of a sunken ship is rescued by smaller sea creatures.

Scott's Miracle Grow "Life Starts Here"..in the Garden.

"Home for the Holidays" Self built by the City of Downey.

American Armenian entry.."Cradle of Civilization sharing in their heritage.

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