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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Loss and Recovery

19 December 2014

Today when I tried to open iPhoto the disc was empty. Needless to say panic set in as I had 20,000 photos of family and travels.

Something must have happened when converting from old laptop to my new one and somehow the disc got trashed. So off we went to Apple who referred us to "Basics-n-Beyond in the same shopping center in Carlsbad, a short distrance from Camp Pendleton.

Fortunately this happened before we left for Seal Beach as there might not have been a place to restore the disc.

We went back on the 23rd and they were able to recover the photos;however the 20,000 photos became 120,000 as the recovery included all the thumbnails,deleted,faces and edited. Titles, dates and locations not able to be recovered. Can you imagine trying to title, separate the duplicates etc into 20,000 photos? Guess the two months we spend at Nellis will keep me busy.

The good news is that I had most of the family on DVD's and our travels until 2010. Lesson learned and from now on will do the DVD's on a regular basis.

Thank you Eric at Basics for restoring my photos. Felt the price of $250 was reasonable.

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